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Finding items on roadside(18 posts)

Finding items on roadsideE3
Mar 12, 2001 7:40 AM
PsyDoc's experience caused me to think about the detail in which cyclists see things versus motorists whizzing by.

Have you ever found anything interesting/valuable/odd on the roadside that was worth putting in your jersey pockets? Ever seen anything warranting a call to the authorities? Ever marked the spot so you could drive back to check something out?

I've found nothing spectacular, no money, no bodies, pretty boring stuff. The best items I've found are a couple of gold chains (value unknown), crescent wrenches, screw drivers, and a ladies purse containing nothing but dirty love notes.
re: Finding items on roadsideLuckyDude
Mar 12, 2001 8:07 AM
I found $230 last year riding home from work!!!! Thin wallet no id inside, just money. My lucky day!
re: Finding items on roadsideGadfly
Mar 12, 2001 8:29 AM
Care to post some of those dirty love notes?
Roadside ItemsPsyDoc
Mar 12, 2001 9:31 AM
I have not been quite as fortunate as LuckyDude who found cold-hard cash. I have found a couple of Craftsman wrenches (9/16" and 1/2") that were bent and I promptly took them back to Sears and got brand new ones. I have found a few drill bits, but they were broken. I once came across a nice looking watch, but it appeared to have been run over by a number of vehicles. I tend to see a good bit of baseball caps, shirts, gloves, and the occasional shoe, but I have never stopped to check them out.
re: Finding items on roadsidesteveq
Mar 12, 2001 9:34 AM
once found a wallet with $600 in twenties but it had ID, so my moral upbringing forced me to give it back. i'm still waiting for a guilt free payoff. the thought of finding a money sack filled with $100's has kept me going on countless late winter rides!! sq
Garbage collectors call it "mungo" ...Humma Hah
Mar 12, 2001 10:03 AM
On most long organized rides I see a small fortune in water bottles dropped along the road, and it infuriates me!

Saturday, on the Solvang Century, I found a convenient spot to stop and take off my leg-warmers, where a concrete drain made a convenient seat. As I got up to leave, I noticed someone else had the same idea, but they'd just tossed their leg warmers in the bushes. I hope they intended to pick them up later, and left them alone.

I encountered a girl who was heartbroken -- her "duck" had fallen off her bike, and when she went back for it, she couldn't find it. She hopes ducky found a good home.

I have found the occasional tool, and I've picked up a few balls of various sorts for the cat to play with.
re: Finding items on roadsideI would like to have it back.
Mar 12, 2001 11:26 AM
I have never found anything of value on the road, but I have contributed to other people finding "treasures" on their rides. I ride the MS150 each year. When we find something like roadkill on the road and know we are way ahead of the majority of the riders we have a little fun. Usually we will put the roadkill on a plate and stick a couple of forks and knives in it. It is good for a laugh at the end when everyone is talking about that Skunk with the fork and knife in it. They almost always mention that it took their minds off any pain they were feeling at the time and helped them continue on in the heat.:)
Mar 12, 2001 11:40 AM
How is it that you came to have a plate and some silverware in your jersey pocket?
Mar 12, 2001 12:51 PM
I don't know. I was just with them when they started it. It is amazing how much stuff you can fit into one of those camelbacks.:) It is not a race so people bring all kinds of strange things along with them to provide entertainment.
If God (or fate) gives you a tool, pick it up.Cory
Mar 12, 2001 1:55 PM
Coolest thing I ever found was a Leatherman tool, back when they were fairly new, on a mountain bike ride. I thought about leaving it next to the trail where the guy could find it, but some thief might steal it, so I stole it. Also found a Mini Maglite (the 2AA kind) and a $10 bill (not on the same ride).
Best example of not looking a gift wrench in the jaws: Riding down the west side of Ebbetts Pass in California, I passed a huge honking Crescent wrench, about a 16-incher. WAY too heavy to carry, plus who needs it? But I went back and got it and tucked it in my panniers...and about 20 miles later, for the only time in my life, I had a headset loosen up on the road. I was able to tighten it with the Crescent, which I then put on the shoulder for the next guy to find.
If God (or fate) gives you a tool, pick it up.grz mnky
Mar 12, 2001 3:27 PM
That certainly qualifies as very good karma! You probably have parking karma as well. You know, always finding a spot close to where you want to go in a busy town while everyone else drives around and around looking for a spot.

The idea of some road kill with a knife and fork in it sitting on a plate brings tears to my eyes it's soooo funny. I love a good joke and will have to remember that one.

On the Solvang ride there were a couple guys lined up along the side of the road taking leaks into some bushes. They didn't even try to be discrete - so in mixed compnay I called out that they were peeing in poison oak. The ladies all laughed, but not too many of the guys thought it was funny.

I usually find all sorts of mechanical things like nuts, bolts, tools and for some reason lots of screw drivers. They're usually not Craftsman and pretty battered, but I toss them all in a coffee can at home and use them for really crappy work like opening and stirring paint or epoxy. I swear that this year I'm going to follow the route of the Sea Otter Classic - there are always a slew of high dollar sunglasses that get lost in the first few miles. Mountain biking is good for knocking things loose. I once realized that I had left my saddle bag unzipped after fixing a flat and had lost almost the entire contents - I went back and found everything, including the $15 in cash.
I lost a nice toolkit on my Can-Am Qualifier that way ...Humma Hah
Mar 12, 2001 5:52 PM
... when I failed to close the tool pouch on an enduro.

But I made up for it the same year, when I visited a yard sale and found a huge Crescent wrench (yup, the definitive brand), also a 16", with a few specks of rust and with a 50-cent price tag on it. I asked the lady if she knew what the wrench was worth (I believe the big ones go for nearly a hundred bucks, new). She said she didn't care, it had belonged to her husband, now divorced, she'd only kept it by the front door for self-defense and had recently acquired "something more effective."

It is very handy for headsets and cruiser BB's.
Spectator Slowing...Xeke
Mar 12, 2001 6:22 PM
For several years, I rode to work along the Los Angeles River to the shop in the Long Beach Harbor area. This commute taught me to never believe I'd seen it all.

A cop was cruising the levee in a black'n'white. He asked me if I'd seen any 'floaters.' Well, not on this ride.

One morning before it had gotten very light, a couple of L.B. cops were on a ramp down on the River bottom hunched over something. Just as I'm riding by on the levee above, they evidently got the fuse going, jumped up and came running back up the ramp laughing like school kids. I picked up the pace (a bunch) and didn't look back.

I rode by a car lodged in a chain link fence along the levee where no car had any business being. No one was in it and it was still running. I slowed down long enough to see that there weren't any keys in the ignition, turned around and noted the license plate number while riding away. I don't hang around very long when coming across these sorts of circumstances. These are the times I get some speed work. When I got to the shop, I called the police. This is only one of several occasions when there have been unattended cars in the River.

Riding in the South of California has gotten me into the habit of memorizing license plate numbers. most of the time for the wrong reasons. Sad, isn't it?

One morning, a single engine plane was parked ever so nicely along the levee in the bottom of the River. No one else around, just this Cessna sitting on the concrete in the bottom of the channel. Turns out that the pilot was chartering a Five Mile High couple when the plane lost power taking off from the Long Beach Airport the previous evening. They glided in without incident and didn't even get their feet wet. so to speak. That day, they fixed it where it sat and it took off from the River bottom.
re: Finding items on roadsideCartman
Mar 12, 2001 8:51 PM
I don't find as much biking as I did running. With the speed, you miss a lot. When running, quite often I found discarded porno mags. On the bike, the best I found was a pair of saftey glasses. They looked more expensive at hig speed, so I turned around. They ended up being just a cheap pair, but the weren't broken so I took them home. I too am waiting for pay dirt, the big bag of $$$$ that will be mine all mine!!!!!
Craftsman sucksBuy Snap-on
Mar 12, 2001 9:43 PM
Mar 13, 2001 7:29 AM
decapitated body- not fresh either, well on its way to decomposing... what a stench.
A Campy Record Front Hub, and a LawnmowerGreg Taylor
Mar 13, 2001 10:01 AM
Ok, it is pretty old Record, but it is still honest-to-goodness Campy Record.

There is a house along one my routes into work that is surrounded by the most amazing piles of junk -- probably a manifestation of some sort of pathologically compulsive behaviour, but I digress. Anyway, occasionally the folks living in this hell-hole will put out a portion of their treasure for the weekly trash collection. As a bona fide dumpster-diver, I live for those times. About a year ago I was riding by the house when I noticed a bike wheel perched atop a pile of mangled bikes, exercise equipment, and air-conditioners, waiting for pick up. I stopped, scrambled up the heap of garbage, and retrieved the wheel. It looked like a decent quality wheel, unlike the other crap that is usually heaped on the roadside. I cleared away the grime that had accumulated on the hub, and was surprised to read "Campagnolo", with "Record" below it. Sweeeet! It even has the quick-release! I've polished up the hub and built it into a spare front wheel for my commuter.

I snagged the lawnmower on an early-morning "Trash Day" recon mission. I was on my bike, just cruising around, when I came across a house with (1) a front yard with the grass half-cut, and (2) a pile of trash at the curb that included a fairly new mower. I grabbed the mower and dragged it home (about 3 miles), riding one handed. It made a helluva racket. Turns out that the mower WAS new...the only thing wrong with it was a small stone that had gotten into the gas tank and clogged the fuel inlet. I popped it out and started it right up. I still laugh when I think how mad that guy must have gotten to throw out a brand new mower. I still have it, and I smile every time I cut the grass...
alcohol, dope, toolsclub
Mar 13, 2001 12:56 PM
found a big bong once with a bag full inside. sweet. on a club ride like 50 miles from the start I found a full multiliter bottle of riuniti (sp?) wine, stuck it down my shorts in back with the jersey over the top and finished the ride, then busted it open. I own 4 mini vise grip pliers and found all 4 (!) on the road. what'supwiddat? got an artist friend who picks up all the lone gloves he finds on the road, mattes and frames them in a big mural display. I found a brand new pair of nice leather driving gloves recently. have found as many as 6 bottles of ale all at once, drank 2 on the spot, stuck the others in my pockets. once turned a corner in Kutztown PA and spotted 3 Stroh's tallboy cans lined up on the curb, unopened. 3-pocket jerseys kick in. found $105 -- 5 $20s and a $5 -- blowing along the road last year with no ID or wallet to make me feel guilty and possibly return it, sweet. found a '90 Durango MTB Worlds's t-shirt laying along a bike trail, didn't even look worn and this was in 2000, where was it for the past 10 years? It's in my garage on the wall now. I pick up discarded garments to use them for shop rags, sometimes the garment is like brand new and my size, got a sweet hooded sweatshirt from Showshoe resort, W VA that I wear. Found a guy's crank bolt for him on a trail last year. find millions of tire levers, allen wrenches, CO2s, etc., and if you own a Blackburn MTB pump with the pivoting T handle, BE WARNED: The handles can unscrew and be gone. I have so far found 6 of those handles. If I had that pump I'd glue the handle onto the shaft.....