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Best saddle for a guy over 200lbs(2 posts)

Best saddle for a guy over 200lbsRULY
Mar 12, 2001 4:04 AM
I like to know the best saddle for persons over 200lbs.Any diference between light persons?
Little to do with weight, lots to do with shape...bigdave
Mar 12, 2001 4:28 AM
the shape of your pelvic bones and all that will determine what saddle works for you, not your weight. My friend and I were about the same weight but the saddle I found was extremely comfortable was pure h&ll for him. How your *sit bones* fit a seat is the key... I need one that is real flat across the surface of the seat, while others do best with a Flite type that has more of a peak in the center. Find a good LBS, tell him you would like to sample a few seats of differing shape and then ride each for at least 30 minutes... if it's right you'll know it. If it's wrong, trust me, you won't last 10 minutes on it.


PS -- FWIW, I use a WTB mountain bike saddle on all my bikes because it works for *me*... it could be pure h$ll for you.