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Milano and Milano Frames(5 posts)

Milano and Milano Frameszelig
Mar 12, 2001 12:48 AM
I'm going to Milan next month and would appreciate any insights on bike shops and frame builders in Milan. I'm also interested in Milano frames which are made by Alberto Masi. Any experiences with those frames and does anyone know the location of the Vigorelli Velodrome in Milano?

I know that someone had posted about an article on Milano in a January issue of Cycling Weekly but I can't remember who or the date.

re: Milano and Milano Framesbartali
Mar 12, 2001 5:59 AM
zelig - The location of Alberto Masi's shop in Milano is at the Velodrome known as Vigorelli. The address is Via Arano 19 but that is irrelevant. Everyone knows where Vigorelli is, in Milano.

To get there from the highway (Tangenziale) you exit for "Fiera Campionaria". The Vigorelli is about a mile or two further upthe road.
re: Milano and Milano Framesbartali
Mar 12, 2001 6:24 AM
zelig - Full address with phone # is: Masi Alberto Costruzione E Riparazione Biciclette, V. Arona 19, 20149 Milano (MI) 0233101647

As far as reviews, I don't know of any except those who have owned a Masi. I will tell you that his frames are supposed to be VERY stiff. He boasts that his frames give up very little lateral movement. But I will say that you need not worry about quality. This man is a legend in frame building. His father was an even BIGGER legend.

This man makes roughly 800 frames per year (although I don't think he is putting tubes together anymore; that responsibility is done by others who have worked for him for the past 17 years) and he does not advertise. He doesn't have a web page or a catalog.

BTW, if you are serious about buying a Masi frame, BRING your cycling shoes. Masi frames are built custom. Alberto Masi WILL measure you and you need to have the shoes with which you will ride the bike.
and after your discontinued shoes wear out...ET
Mar 12, 2001 11:24 AM
you just buy another Masi. :-)

Zelig, I thought you moved to a small flat in the city centre of London and hence junked all your bikes except the Vortex. Are you junking your bed and sleeping on the Masi? :-) Also, I understand that if you want to see exactly how effective a U-lock is, lock your Masi anywhere in London and when you come back out of M & S or wherever 5 minutes later, your U-lock will still be there. :-)
ET, and after your discontinued shoes wear out...zelig1
Mar 13, 2001 2:26 AM
Good memory but hey, I can't pass up the chance if I'm in Milan. In the early 70's, my college roomate had a friend who traveled to Italy in 1969 and was measured up by Faliero and had a Gran Criterium made at the shop under the Vigorelli Velodrome. He still has the bike and I still remember that day. Now as for sleeping with the Masi, after 25+ years of marriage, it may not be a bad idea. I'm told I spend more time with my Vortex than with her. Hey, its a trade-off, she'll be shopping in Milan which is a paradise for fine clothes and leather goods, and I'll be hoofing my way to the Velodrome. As for building it up and where then to put the bike, that's a good question. Stay tuned.