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ave speed drops from traffic/crossing streets etc(3 posts)

ave speed drops from traffic/crossing streets etcbomber
Mar 11, 2001 8:23 PM
What do you guys do to keep your average speed "correct" in respects to having to stop/slow down a lot due to traffic and crossing major streets,etc. I really have nowhere to go where 20 or so miles would be limited only by my conditioning...I know you can manually start/stop your computer, but that is a pain in the ass. Any ideas?
re: ave speed drops from traffic/crossing streets etcLazy
Mar 12, 2001 6:02 AM
All the 'puters I've had will stop when you stop.
Face it, pal, when you slow down, you've slowed down.bill
Mar 12, 2001 7:31 AM
While the computer does stop registering when your wheels stop turning, I guess your concern is that your avg speed as calculated by your computer includes all those annoying slows and accelerations up to speed for traffic lights, etc., so that you feel that your computer shows a compromised average speed. But, you know, you've still slowed or stopped for that thirty sec's or whatever. Can't take it back. You got your rest.
Then, stop worrying so much about the numbers.