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Owners of many bikes: Reasons?(13 posts)

Owners of many bikes: Reasons?nigel
Mar 10, 2001 8:22 PM
Hey gang,

I noticed a photo in the gallery from Kris, who has three beautiful Colnagos, each equipped for racing/fast riding. A person or two bashed him/her for owning three Colnagos.

My questions: 1) Why own two or three very similar, top-end road bikes? 2) How does one choose which tires to pump up on any given day? Does it depend on terrain (hills/flat roads)? Weather conditions? Mood?

I realize that many of you have a couple/few high-end road bikes, and I don't begrudge any of you this; hey, if it makes life a bit sweeter and makes you happier, then by all means do it (Life's too short!). As a single-bike owner (by financial and practical necessity), I find one bike to be more than sufficient for my various road rides, but I've found myself wondering just why folks get two or three top-end steeds (besides them being beautiful and too good to pass up sometimes). Is it for the varying ride characteristics, or are people just gear nuts and like to buy new "toys"? (I'm a gear nut myself, by the way.)

Thanks for shedding some light, and enjoy those bikes!
re: Owners of many bikes: Reasons?Akirasho
Mar 10, 2001 9:52 PM
Speaking for myself, partly due to being obsessive compulsive... partly a fascination with the bicycle as a mechanical device, partly for the subtle differences that seemingly similar bikes can have, and partly a fear of abandonment.

By nature, I'm redundant, obsessive and compulsive (which ties into the last of my abovementioned traits). While most of my bikes are road/multisport bikes, they vary by components and to a degree, their use. Rather than adapt one bike for different conditions, I opted for individual rides that could be dialed in for their specific venue...

One road bike serves as my all rounder... tours, centuries, training, etc.
One road bike serves as my modified TT bike.
One road bike serves as my testbed/benchmark for equipment and positions... also a backup for the above two.

One multisport bike is for flatland TT's
One multisport bike is for longer distances over varied terrain.
One multisport bike is a backup.

One 'bent is for touring and general purpose.
One 'bent is for racing (HPV events).

One MTB is a hardtail... one is full suspension.

One bike is a city/cruiser/coffee shop.
One bike is a hybrid beater.
One bike is a road beater.
One bike is a bare frame awaiting build just so's I could say I own a Bianchi.
One bike is a Rivendell.

Of the similar road and multisport frames, they all have subtle differences in geometries and my position which make them... different. They usually vary by stem length, wheelset and fork as well as geometry.

Of the 'bents, one is dialed for straight line speed.

Of the beaters... they're here and not in the way so I keep 'em

Of the city/cruiser... cuz it's cute and doesn't intimidate "friends" as much.

Of the Bianchi frame... it's Celeste.

Of the Rivendell... it's custom lugged steel.

I derive an immense sense of pleasure from riding and working on these bikes. The mechanics involved are simple enough for me to understand and to some degree, master. It reminds me of musical composition... a variation on a theme.

Time was when I was hard pressed to afford food for the day. In a sense, I collect bikes out of fear of a return to those days when even a bike was beyond my means. I figure that I could load up all the bits and pieces and live out of my truck if necessary.

Bike selection usually depends on the venue and/or maintenence schedule. Often early in the season, most of my time will be spent on the MTB's... moving to cross training rides on some of the others... I also make the selection dependent on my physical condition, or lack thereof. I've got bad knees, and it's nice to have options.

Indeed, if push came to shove, I'd bet one bike would do me plenty... probably one of the 'bents.

I honestly realize that the abovementioned is probably a symptom of some underlying "problems" and I mention them so that others might at least recognize them. That said, my therapist thinks "you could be doing worse..." and since it's relatively benign, I guess I'll at least keep wrenching...

Finally, I have no immediate plans for any more bikes... though I'll admit that I do want to build a frame or two... and a few experimental HPV's... maybe a tandem ??? This is my primary vice... and as such, "I could be doing worse".

Be the bike.
re: Owners of many bikes: Reasons?Peter
Mar 12, 2001 5:13 AM
I have
1 cross bike for cross racing and winter riding
1 Mtn bike Aegis Carbon Fiber for racing/abusing/get my off road thrills
2 Road bikes. Giant TCR racing/training/pure love of it
Litespeed Arenberg - Project bike, crappy weather, back up, and TT.
1 Mtn frame - Another Aeigs (for sale anybody want it)
I conceed that if it came down to it and I had to have one bike it would be the Giant. Mostly because I am a racer, and road is my love.
If I were to stop racing and "just ride" it would be the cross bike because of its versatility to go off road and also be able to do a century on.
Another post referred to the beauty of bicycles. I agree. I look at it as a quest for perfection (which is going to be different for everyone out there). I make decent money, I'm single, no kids. My only dependents are two cats. They are easy to please. So for me to spend some $ on a bike is not a big deal. I only have to answer to me.
Mar 12, 2001 8:48 AM
Those TCRs ARE splendid, aren't they? My only bike's a TCR, and it's all I could ask for in a bike.

I've seen the light...dave
Mar 11, 2001 5:33 AM
and sold all my bikes that weren't getting much use. Silly to keep bikes that might get used only a few times year. With technolgy changing every few years, you end up stuck with a bunch of outdated equipment.

I now own a Colnago C-40 with Campy Record 10 speed for road use and an old hybrid that I put on my indoor trainer, and ride(rarely)on bike trails, with my wife. I expect to ride the C-40 for 3 or 4 seasons and then move on to something else, maybe the latest C-40.

I often have to resist the urge to buy another bike. I know if I did, I'd ride the C-40 95% of the time and the other bike would be a waste of money. The solution to bike lust, for me, was buying (only) one of the best.

I get a kick out of people that criticize owners of C-40's for spending so much on a bike, but think nothing of owning a half dozen $1500 shimano equipped bikes. I'd rather have one good one than a bunch of cheaper ones.

Then there's people who own a half dozen $5,000 bikes!!?? Obsessed with owning things, or bored, I guess.
I'm TRYING to see the light...Cory
Mar 11, 2001 10:54 AM
My bikes have just sort of accumulated--replace the first mountain bike with a better one, but the old one's not worth much so you keep it as a beater, and then you see a great deal on a used Allez... Pretty soon you have eight, all with some degree of emotional attachment.
I sold off four a couple of years ago. Recently I decided to REALLY cut back, and naturally the best way to do that was to buy ANOTHER bike. My new Atlantis frame was delivered Tuesday...
I'm keeping the Cannondale MB, but if anybody wants a 25-inch Trek 620 tourer or a 58cm Bridgestone MB-5 or a 62cm Allez (steel, about five years old), speak right up.
Still deciding what's "BEST"....nmMany Bikes
Mar 11, 2001 12:59 PM
varying conditionsclub
Mar 11, 2001 6:07 AM
got a go-faster with sewups, and another with belted clinchers for when there's cinders on the winter roads. Got a go-fast fixed gear with sewups, and another with cross clinchers for dirt roads and snow. Got a nice cross bike, and another with a piece'o'scheit (auf Deutsch, die censor program nicht sprechen Deutsch) 1020 frame and fenders for when the roads are sloppy. Got a friend with a 17-lb. yellow Masi custom made for him. He doesn't ride in the winter because there's cinders on the road that'll puncture his yellow tires, and because road spray will dirty his custom yellow paint. I ride every day and don't worry about wrecking my good bikes because I got others just for the offseason. Question answered?
re: Owners of many bikes: Reasons?fuzzybunnies
Mar 11, 2001 1:14 PM
Lots of reasons
Giant cyclocross bike, for cyclocross racing of course
Giant Cadex hardtail for mtb racing/riding
Raleigh M400 hardtail frame for switching the parts to and from the cadex when I get bored.
Raleigh Gran Prix circe 1982 Winter beater that gets overhauled and stored for the summer till next winter.
DeRosa for travel and racing.
Parkpre for training
Carrera arriving this june for racing only until it gets replaced in 2 years than it's for training as well.
The gran prix is for winter only so if the weather is bad during the rest of the year only the parkpre or the mountain bike(which ever it is at the time) is ridden. As to how to choose when a tire gets pumped up, I grab a bike and if the pressure is low I grab a different one to ride instead. If they all are low or I'm going specifically to a race than I fill the tires of the bike I'll use. That and like the first guy I'm probably a little obsessive compulsive and love new sparkly things. TTFN
re: Owners of many bikes: Reasons?LBS guy(Andrew)
Mar 11, 2001 3:55 PM
I'm not an owner of too many bikes yet but want to be soon, right now i have a Cannondale f4000sl for MTB racingand riding, and a Cannondale r800 for racing and riding, i have a k2 4000 thats a sigle speed because i didnt know anybody else with a dual suspension single sped and i'm not riding it much since i got my f4000, and i have an old trek road bike for sale, or to give to my freind since he's broke and needs a roadbike, i will sonn be getting a Colnago C-40, and some type of mtb freeride thing, later
Another data pointRay
Mar 12, 2001 6:23 AM
I have six bikes, with two of them being really nice road bikes. One is a Merckx ti for when I want to go really hard and fast (or what passes as fast for me), climb aggressively, etc. The other is a Rivendell Road for when I want to go on an epic ride, hit multiple conditions, be comfortable all day, where speed may happen but isn't the primary point of the ride. These are both wonderful bikes, but ride differently enough to want to keep 'em both for a loooong time.

The other bikes are:

A Rivendell all-rounder for mixed road/off-road, commuting, touring, riding with the kids, easy mountain bike rides, etc. I can do ANYTHING on this bike about 90% as well as on the bikes dedicated to more specific uses. If I had to choose just one, it wouldn't even be close.

A folding Bike Friday for travel, pretty nice bike in it's own right and great for travel, but NOT as good as your best full-size bike, regardless of what their ads say.

A beat up old Bianchi frame set up as a fixed gear. Haven't been riding fixed as much lately, so I may stick a derailure back on it and have this be my beater for horrible-weather (so the Rivendell AR doesn't rust out from under me).

A Specialized Stumpjumper FSR, basic cross country full-suspension mountain bike. I don't ride this very often, but when I'm going for a crazy off-road ride or mountain biking with friends, the AR is a bit slow and punishing and there's nothing like this bike.

So, every bike has a unique purpose, with a bit of overlap between the two road bikes and the all-rounder. I don't want or need any more and may eventually get rid of something, but I'm pretty attached to all of 'em, so may hold tight at six.

Makes sense...nigel
Mar 12, 2001 8:57 AM
Thanks for the info, folks. Seems like the respondents out of the 500+ viewers have pretty "sensible" (if I may say so without offending anyone) bike stables. I wonder why none of the people with four Colnagos, three mountain bikes, two cross bikes, and a beater bike responded. Hmmm...

Now get out there and ride those babies! :)

because I like bikesIxnixit
Mar 12, 2001 2:26 PM
Three high end road bikes and three high end mountain bikes and yet another high end road bike on order. Why - because I like technology, I like to ride and I just plain like to sit and stare at them when I'm not riding. Sure, who needs seven expensive bikes. But, you get one chance to live, why not enjoy it?