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Anyone tried Macalu or Douglas Ti frames?(3 posts)

Anyone tried Macalu or Douglas Ti frames?Mudbug
Mar 10, 2001 4:09 PM
I saw them in catalogs for Colorado Cyclist and Excel Sports. The Macalu from Excel Sports looked suprizingly similar to a lightspeed with the sweeping seatstays in the rear triangle. I couldn't find any reviews on either; sometimes good, sometimes not.
re: Anyone tried Macalu or Douglas Ti frames?bike_junkie
Mar 10, 2001 6:52 PM
I haven't ridden either one, but some info you may find useful;
The Macalu looks like a Litespeed because it is - Litespeed builds 'em for Excel, and I think it's a Classic, but not sure. Note that instead of the lifetime Litespeed warranty, you get 2 years on a Macalu. If you aren't really hung up on brand names or impressing others with the "ooh and aaah" factor, these are both good choices if the geometry works for you. The Douglas is pretty new, so not much chance of finding anyone with much saddle time on one, but judging by other frames put out by TST/Sanvik in the past like Ti Konas & Bontragers, DEANs before they went to in-house production, and recently the Mongoose Ti frames, these guys are good Ti welders.
I'd choose the Douglas over the Macalu based on aesthetics, but they are both nice frames if you want Ti at this price point.

In this price range I'd also urge you to go to and check out the El Diente Ti road frame. It retails for about $1200 but can easily be had from the DEAN website auction for under a grand, and John, the owner of DEAN is great to work with.

Fit is the most important thing, and unless you REALLY know your size, I recommend you buy locally and pay a little more up front. It's worth it in the long run.

Good Luck!
Macalu is like Litespeed Arenberg...dave
Mar 11, 2001 6:19 AM
The Macalu is made by Litespeed. Identical to the Arenberg. Either should be fine for all but heavy mashers, who would probably find the frame too flexible.

The Douglas looks like a very good value, offering either a painted or polished finish, and an even lower price. The Douglas frame would be better if it had cable stops on the headtube, but otherwise looks well done. The Douglas top tubes run on the short side, in some of the sizes. A 1cm longer stem may be required.

The Macalu is made in odd sizes and the Douglas is made in even sizes. This might affect your choice. I'd also inquire about the head tube length on the Douglas and compare it to the Litespeed geometry chart. Litespeed lengthened all the head tubes by 1cm for 2001, to offset the lower stack height of threadless headsets, and reduce the amount of head tube spacers required. This should have been done last year.