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Any chance my wife will cycle(6 posts)

Any chance my wife will cycleSteven
Mar 9, 2001 9:17 AM
My wife and I are both approaching 50. I love to cycle for exercise and will do 20 miles in the evening with no problem. I have never been able to convince my wife to try cycling. She really can't ride a bike and is conviced she can't learn. It would be great exercise.

Any chance I could convince her?

or should I trade in my bike shoes for walking shoes?
Tried a Tandem?? (nm)JBergland
Mar 9, 2001 10:06 AM
Tried a Tandem?? (nm)Stickers
Mar 11, 2001 7:26 AM
When I can no longer use my eyes, or when I can no longer pedal by myself, or when my balance has failed, I will consider a tandem. Hey, ever been the tail on a tandem? Ever got a mouth and nose full of the Captain's aroma. I think about that when I see them buzz by. Fast, no doubt.
Mar 9, 2001 8:07 PM
I got my parents into riding and both were in thier late 40s. Got them on newer bikes and simply rode at thier speed. Now they like it so much they go off for rides with out me. Simply try to be helpful in the advice on riding without sounding condesending, and NEVER leave her behind on a decent or climb. I hated the impossibly slow climbs and occasional walks, but sticking it out got 2 more people into the sport at least recreationally. TTFN
A few more thoughts...well, several more.Silverback
Mar 10, 2001 8:17 AM
My parents are in their 70s, and they started riding about 10 years ago after my dad had knee surgery. He loved it right away, but my stepmother was a hard sell. Some things that worked for us:
Start slow. 10 miles may be a short ride for you, but it's a killer for somebody who isn't used to it. Try a 5-minute ride for coffee or through the park.
Ride at her pace. If you drop her, or ride along sighing and rolling your eyes at the pace, she's outta there.
Fit the bike to her, not her to the bike. Make it comfortable (fat tires, high bars) and don't worry about efficiency unless she WANTS to go faster. Better she ride five miles at 10 mph than not ride at all. I'd recommend a mountain bike or city bike over anything remotely resembling a "racer."
What about a tandem? My wife and I tried one for awhile (long-term loan from a friend), and it was sometimes fun, sometimes not. It's surprisingly hard to get everybody in a cycling mood at the same time, plus we never quite developed the cooperation necessary to relax on the thing, plus there was the whole captain/stoker issue, where all she could see was my back... Worth a try, but not a major investment. And keep your single bike.
Does she want to cycle?Kristin
Mar 10, 2001 9:37 AM
I used try all the sports my friends were into. I wasted money on gym memberships. Looking at a white wall while "climbing" stairs is not my idea of fun. I Tried aerobics. Never like it. Volleyball. Blah! Basketball. Even worse!

One day I drove past some cyclists and a light bulb went on. I bought a bike and never regretted it. On a different day, I decided to take a walk--I left the house and hiked 6 miles. I love hiking. So now I've found two great sports that I naturally love.

If your wife doesn't seem interested in cycling, it might not be her thing. If so, you won't get a return on your investment. Ask her if there's anything she's been itching to try. Then pray she doesn't answer, "Now that you mention it, yachting sounds fun."

Good Luck!