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Excuse the rant...or not!/"Trucker" response...(2 posts)

Excuse the rant...or not!/"Trucker" response...Good Buddy
Mar 8, 2001 11:54 AM
"Trucks are a complete pain in th arse"
Bring back the rail, Remove the truck burden. They're beholden to timetables over safety, they don't slow down in inclement weather, it was 45mph on the pike yesterday and they were rolling at seventy, they spray cars as they move by. Yeah they're pros but safety apparently AIN'T their first concern, rollovers, jack knives. I submit they are in negligent operation of a dangerous instrumentality with a reckless disregard for a know risk and they should NOT be allowed to make up average speed/times but cranking when they get a chance. I am totally tired of battling those behemoths. In the northeast quandrant of the US there is no reason rail cannot do all and more and better than the treucking system. Not to mention that some US sub-routs have HIGHER load limits on bridges and surface than the interstate system thereby encouraging trucks to overload and use smaller, neighborhood roots to avoid the federal weight restrictions on the Pike. I live on one, it sucks, Again the limit is 50 and well hell they have to go at LEAST 55, 45 is freaking out of the question isn't it!!!!And as for Harley Moronson noise polluters....
Peace, Love and USE YOUR INTELLIGENCE........
Mar 8, 2001 2:00 PM
I admit I haven't had so many bad experiences with trucks or truckers, while driving or cycling. Wow, that's quite a rant!
I guess what scares me is the number of reports that long-haul truckers are driving while deprived of sleep. Not only do they nod off from time to time, their response time is apparently as bad as a person under the influence of alcohol.