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Rollers vs. Wind Trainers(5 posts)

Rollers vs. Wind TrainersErap Estrada
Mar 6, 2001 11:38 PM
I can't decide whether to get the Cycle-Ops wind trainer or the Rollers from Tacx (or Cycle-Ops). Whuch would be the better investment? Which will do less damage to my bike? Which would let my Astrale ACCURATELY display my true speed?

Thanks for any help I may get from you guys.
re: Rollers vs. Wind TrainersJBergland
Mar 7, 2001 4:48 AM
I have a set of Tracx Rollers and have been very happy with them. The PVC drums are not as smooth as other Rollers... but IMO they work just fine. For the price they are hard to beat. I do not OWN a trainer, but use a couple different ones on a semi regular basis.

I like riding on Rollers for two main reasons. First, you develop a very smooth spin without even trying much. Second, Rollers make you truly 'ride the bike'. I spend the majority of my winter inside and Rollers do a better job of keeping my attention.

Trainers, IMO, do a better job of helping get peak fitness. Turning up the resistance and mashing away on the pedals produces a workout that is hard to get on a set of Rollers.

There have been a couple posts regarding bike/frame damage from trainers. Although I have heard of few people (none!!) that have had their bikes damaged, it does put a great deal of stress on the frame/parts. Most people use a second bike for trainer duty.

Wind Trainer?? Could make a lot of noise... might want to consider a different type of resistance.

I would do a search on these topics. I know there have been couple other posts on these subjects.
re: Rollers vs. Wind TrainersHap
Mar 7, 2001 6:18 AM
There is a fairly long thread on this subject on the "old" racing board. My conclusion is you can get a good work out on either (I have a Mag Trainer) but that rollers require handling skill and therefore more require more attention so you might not be as likely to get bored. Trainers offer a high intensity workout in a controlled invironment or you can pedal and watch tv, read, etc. at a lower intensity. Ideally you would have both; trainer for intense intervals, rollers for spin, handleing, and longer time in the saddle.

Read through that tread and draw you own conclusions. Good luck.
Regards, Hap
re: Rollers vs. Wind TrainersBianchi man
Mar 7, 2001 9:16 AM
I have had rollers for quite a while, and I like them a lot. It is very easy to develop a smoothe spin(just pedal, it happens on it's own). On rollers, you don't lose as much of your handling skills as on a trainer. A trainer is better for hammering big gears. But if you buy a trainer, I would suggest getting a mag resistance unit. It is much quieter.
On either one, your true speed will be zero ;-)Kathy
Mar 8, 2001 4:23 AM
Any time the rear wheel is spinning, your Astrale will calculate a speed. It will work on either rollers or a trainer. Mine does. Neither will hurt your bike, but you may want to get a cheap rear skewer if you use a wind trainer so the clamp doesn't mar the finish of your good one.

I've been using rollers for years, and they are great for developing a smooth spin and cadence. They come up a bit short for those days when you want to do stand-up intervals and "hill" work. I currently use a stationary bike at the company rec center for my intervals, but will probably invest in a trainer as well. I'm leaning toward the more expensive fluid units because they are much quieter. I have used and do not like the Cycle-ops one that ramps the resistance with acceleration. It feels unnatural.