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A hard ride after a hard day!(2 posts)

A hard ride after a hard day!OutWest
Mar 6, 2001 9:43 PM
There are not too many times I can get in a midweek ride but I got home early today, got changed and went out for a 1 1/4 hr ride. It was great and the weather was beautiful. No real message, just wanted to tell somebody that could appreciate it. You guys that can get out several times a week are lucky, don't forget it!
Riding the earthquakeTypeOne
Mar 8, 2001 11:18 AM
I got a half-day off last week after the earthquake hit Seattle! After they evacuated my building (the 1911 county courthouse) and my heart rate returned to normal, I was forced to walk several miles to a bus stop to get home. I commute by bike, but when the walls started crumbling, I got out and left the key to my bike. Damn.
But I got home at 3 PM and went out for a spin on my other bike. Great weather! I don't know if it was the ride or the recent events or both, but it felt good to be alive.
I have spoken with several other local cyclists, and I have yet to meet someone who was riding when the quake hit at 10:50 AM. I might have thought I had a flat.