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What's on the menu at Solvang century?(8 posts)

What's on the menu at Solvang century?Scy
Mar 5, 2001 7:34 PM
This is my first century and their website gives absolutely no info about the frequency and type of food/drink offered during the rest stops. So for all of you Solvang veterans, how often are the rest stops and what do they provide. I need to prepare my survival kit for the ride.

Thanks again.
Check out this thread on the old boardMeDotOrg
Mar 6, 2001 7:19 AM

...still not much in the way of concrete info.

This is my first century. I'm planning on carrying a lot of Goo, Fig Newtons and some Endurox (energy recovery drink) in a baggie, so I can replentish my water bottles along the way. I would figure you're going to get water (at least) and maybe a sugary snack, so I would carry more nutritional things, but this is my first century so I'm just guessing...

Most organized rides have stops every 20 miles or so, so figure 4 stops for this ride?

Hope to see you there...look for the old guy on a red and yellow Bianchi Veloce...
re: Solvang century, great questionsMorgan
Mar 6, 2001 8:07 AM
Great questions, I will be their with a few friends. This is also our first century. I am more concerned about the weather than what to eat. It looks like it might be cold from the weather forcast I have looked at. I will be riding my 2001 Cannondale R2000 (grey) and wearing my stars and stripes Bell helmet.

Here is my list of item I plan to take:

a) wind breaker
b) arm and leg warmers
c) multi tool
d) mini pump
e) CO2 cartridges
f) two tubes
g) tire tools
h) goo (10)
i) baggie of Extend
j) nutrition bars
k) sun glasses (thinking positive)
l) small towel
Century stuffDog
Mar 6, 2001 11:56 AM
This is what I would take (did Solvang last year)

1. 2 tubes
2. patch kit
3. micro-tool with levers
4. 2 CO2 16 gram cartridges and inflator nozzle
5. Mini pump
6. $10 or $20 (I always carry $$, just in case)
7. 2 flasks of gel (these are much better than the single serving foil packs, which are messy and wasteful) I use Hammergel.
8. 2 bottles Cytomax
9. sunglasses
10.may begin with arm and leg warmers, and peel off if it gets warm; make sure you have jersey with pockets to stuff things into
11.gloves, helmet, bike shoes, shorts...
12.ID/health insurance card (you never know)

Solvang has tons of food and drinks available at the rest stops. I think there were 4 stops, fairly evenly spaced. At the last stop, around 80 miles, there is a huge hill you stare at while at the stop; hard to get going at that one.

There will be SAG and plenty of other riders around, should you need something you forgot or unexpected. While it's good to be self-sufficient, it's nice to know help is there is you need it.

Rain changes everything. If you expect it to rain, and you intend to ride in the rain, I can't help you, as I won't do it.

Gel flasks are great ...Humma Hah
Mar 6, 2001 5:15 PM
... I will carry 2 myself, about 5 ounces in each, and probably re-fill one late in the run.

As I mentioned to Scy on the other board, I also carry my own sports drink mix, which I buy in envelopes. I've yet to see one of these runs have anything but plain water available when I got into the SAG stops.

Scy, I have never seen a fun-run in which there was not a pile of banana-halves and another of orange sections. There's almost always something like cake, cookies, or brownies. Other things I have seen include ice cream bars (the Amtrack Century), grapes, candy (peanut M&Ms are fantastic) and power bar wrappers (never anything left but the wrappers when I get there). The faster you are, the better the goodies.

I have seen lunch served on centuries. I don't stop for it. As Doug Sloan taught me, KEEP MOVING! Spend as little time in the SAG stops as possible -- top off the water, grab a few goodies, and get moving again before your muscles cool off.
Doug, what's with the rain?Chris Jones
Mar 6, 2001 9:27 PM
Doug, several times you've said that you won't ride in the rain. What's up with that? Sure its cold, wet, miserable, and you can't stop worth a damn... But aside from that its certainly possible. What's the rationale?

Chris Jones
Doug, what's with the rain?Dougal
Mar 7, 2001 1:30 AM
I reckon if I didn't ride in the rain here (Aberdeen, Scotland) I'd probably not get any cycling done between September and May, and even in the summer months, I'd only get 4 or 5 days a week to choose from.

In Sothern California I don't suppose Doug's really got that problem... :-)
Thanks all; very useful info.Scy
Mar 7, 2001 4:39 PM
BTW latest weather report forecasts no rain for Santa Barbara (30 miles from Solvang) this Saturday. Cool.