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How was everyone's weekend of riding/training?(23 posts)

How was everyone's weekend of riding/training?Humma Hah
Mar 5, 2001 12:07 PM
That always seems to break the ice.

They were calling for continuous rain Saturday night thru about Wednesday in San Diego, so I crammed in a 56-mile ride Saturday AM. Sunday was fine, of course, and Monday is beautiful so far (San Diego has the best weather and worst weathermen in the entire US).

Just for an experiment, for dinner the night before the ride, I just had a Healthy Choice TV dinner, about 250 calories, plus a little extra. Predictably, I was short on energy on the ride, using gel to avoid a bonk. I could feel a "detached" sensation occasionally that tells me I'm low on blood sugar and about to get in trouble.

Several short grades of around 15% near the start, and a long one around 11% about half way, really gave me a workout. With the bike re-geared for climbing, I was able to climb the early ones non-stop, had to rest a few times on the long one (which I've yet to ride non-stop). I don't think Solvang has any climbs to compare to these in steepness. I climbed about 3730 ft in 56 miles.

I finished that particular ride about as well as I ever have, spent, but I know if I carbo load at the end of this week I should be in fine shape for Solvang.
Search and destroy sessionDog
Mar 5, 2001 12:32 PM
We planned on a leisurely 62 mile ride, the Blossom Ride out of Reedley, CA. It was that on Saturday or a race on Sunday, but the weatherman called for 80% chance of thundershowers Sunday. So, rather risk a rainout, I did the Blossom. (I don't ride in the rain). I'm still thinking of doing a little racing now and then on the flatter courses.

Anyway, our group of four lost a guy in the initial hills, then it was hammer time up every hill. After about 30 miles of up and down, return to the flat valley floor. We freight-trained past all the tandems and solo pacelines at about 22 mph into a strong wind all the way back, doing about 45 second pulls. Great workout. It was supposed to be a recreational ride, but every time we get near someone we just have to go faster. Oh, well.

Still thinking of Solvang vs. a race locally. Solvang would be a lot more fun (a lot less pain), unless it looks like rain. Not going that far if rain is likely. If I do it, I'll ride with some racer friends, and probably turn it into the same thing we did this last weekend - search and destroy vs. cruise and enjoy.

Right now, probably rain ...Humma Hah
Mar 5, 2001 2:39 PM
... But I've paid for it and will probably ride just on the principle of the matter. Maybe I'll carry some Vaseline or something to waterproof whatever's chaffing.

Won't be the FIRST time I've ridden in the rain. My first (informal) century included about an hour in which the sky opened up.
two laps around the lake, 1 1/2 at race pace...JC1x1
Mar 5, 2001 12:53 PM
until I bonked. Only a 30-40 mile ride, but that's what I get for not eating lunch.

I was on the big ring and pretty small cogs even on the hills, and bonked pretty quick. Heard the bells of the ice cream cart (yes, cart) but had no cash on me- rectifying this mistake :)

It was a nice sunny day (although slightly cold and windy) which is a big change from all the rain we have been getting.

I definitely carbo loaded (ok, binged) afterward. I rewarded myself with lots of guacamole (pure fat!).

I think I'll miss the 'view all' feature, or did I overlook something?
ass handed to me in commemorative boxjbrown2036
Mar 5, 2001 12:55 PM
I went out yesterday for the local crit training series and boy!! Freezing rain and driving wind made it fun and kind of "Crit of Flanders", but the pot holes weren't deep enough to be really challenging:)

The race director hits the button on the bull horn and we are off- no "hey we have 19 more laps maybe we should pace ourselves" here. Shot out of the back in first turn, but regain family honor on hill section. Downhill section and I am the god of hell fire!. Lead a lap caught-shot out the back:). Chase back with lesson learned.

Newbie with the spankin new Colnago Dream and attitude problem-slips on ice and power slides into curb crossing yellow line. Rider ok, Colnago trashed! (it quickly occurs to me that maybe we shouldn't be out here on our A bikes!)

Race ends in bunch sprint way ahead of me. Congratulate winner and get in car with heater on full blast. Cold, miserable, numb, tired, and hungry. I loved every minute of it:)
ass handed to me in commemorative boxSlow Ned
Mar 5, 2001 1:09 PM
Excellent cycling story, the way they are intended to be told! Not sure how you rate as a racer, but as a writer, you rock!

Take care -

Thanks Ned (nm)jbrown2036
Mar 5, 2001 1:17 PM
New bike syndromeBipedZed
Mar 5, 2001 1:06 PM
Received a 1 1/8" Ouzo Pro on Friday in the nick of time and built up my new Merlin Extralight on Friday night transferring over everything from the Litespeed Classic.

Saturday was a sunny 45 degree day and rode 50 miles on rolling terrain with the team and then did an additional solo 10 mile climb up Deer Creek Canyon for a total of 70 miles and almost 4 hours. Trying to rationalize the N.B.S. (New Bike Syndrome), but the Merlin just seems so much faster than the Litespeed. It's about 3/4 lb lighter, and much stiffer, and I really noticed it on short steep climbs that before I was dropping into the small ring but on Saturday I was riding in a 53x19. Last week I was wasted after a similar ride so I tried Endurox R4 for the first time and was really impressed with the results. I wasn't nearly as sore in my legs and my mental acuity was sharper.

Sunday was an even nicer day mid-50s and was one of those annoying group rides where everyone has a different agenda/destination/fueling requirements. It turned into basically 3 20 mile rides with an inordinate amount of waiting in between (pastry stops, flats, route consultations, etc). Ended up with 63 miles in 3:30. The Endurox really seemed to help with recovery for Sunday as I felt strong on the hills even towards the end.

First two races are 4/7 and 4/8. Feeling good.
Are you doing the Stazio/Boulder-Roubaix?Peetey
Mar 5, 2001 2:16 PM
I haven't quite made up my mind if I am doing them. I'm not sure if I'll be ready. I really want to do the Carter Lake Race. I hear that the Boulder-Roubaix is a blast. Good Luck.
Mar 5, 2001 4:50 PM
Colorado Roubaix has been moved to the Boulder Reservoir. Now it's a 6.25 mile lap on asphalt and dirt - 4s do 9 laps. I'm shooting for top 5 BAR Cat 4 so I'll try to be at all the BAR races. What category do you race? Maybe I'll see you at Carter. Are you doing the Cherry Creek TT series?
Mar 6, 2001 6:45 AM
After 15 years of too much work and too little riding, I decided to re-dedicate a block of time to the bike. I was a Cat IV back in '85 and placed top 10 in a couple of rides and did a number of triathlons. Then, marriage/grad school/a lot of travel for work/kids/etc.

So I'm back to Cat V getting ready for Carter Lake and will probably do the Iron Horse in Durango. I may do some things with the Cherry Creek TT but I like to do the weekly crits in Mead.

Good Luck.
How was everyone's weekend of riding/training?Lazy
Mar 6, 2001 8:27 AM
Hey Peetey,
Welcome back. Some info:

USCF is no longer the prominent governing body for racing here in CO. The new organization, ACA - - has no cat V. You start out as a cat IV. There is a new sub-category - catIV 35+ (not sure if you qualify or not). There is no BAR/BAT points available in this category, and my impression of it is that it's for guys in your situation. Not too sure though.

CCTT is pretty full, and there's a waiting list. If you're interested, I would recommend getting your license and registering ASAP.
Mar 6, 2001 10:56 AM
I have heard a lot of good things about ACA; e.g., fast posting of race results, good race support, etc. I rode some last year (2500 miles) and hope to get about 4000 this year.

It is kinda tough to get down to Cherry Creek on weekdays (I work and live in Boulder). Thanks for the heads-up and the encouragment.
re: How was everyone's weekend of riding/training?Lazy
Mar 5, 2001 1:15 PM
56 miles north of Denver on Sunday. As BPZ stated, it was a beatiful day out here in CO. Didn't fall over (like last week), so that's good. But since I was only planning on about 40 miles or so, I ran out of H2O with about 35 minutes to go. Bummer but not fatal. Loving it every pedal revolution of the way!!!
Weather was GREAT... 45-50 degrees...JBergland
Mar 5, 2001 1:27 PM
sunny... not wind... it has not been that warm in Minn for a long time. Roads were VERY wet from snow melting and run-off. I rode two hours on the rollers on Saturday and another three on Sunday. Next weekend a couple club members have been saying come hell-or-high-water they will be outside!! Should be fun!!
I read through some of the other posts...JBergland
Mar 5, 2001 4:44 PM
... and started to feel guilty for not having ridden outside this weekend. So just as I was leaving the office for the day I decided to ride outside. It was a rest day for me... but rest be damned!!

When I got home the sun was on it's way down... there was not much time before it would be dark. I quickly found my long sleeve this and wool that... ran out to the garage... pulled down a bike and was off. Didn't even get to the end of the driveway before I had fallen!!:( Big bulky gloves and ice do not mix well!! I jump back up, walked myself and the bike to the end of the driveway and I'm off again. About 200 yards into the ride I fully realize how cold 20 degrees feels with a little wind chill added... WOW!! I think I will get used to it... WRONG!! By now the sun is just starting to set... getting too dark for any sun glasses. I ride for another 1/2 mile and decide it's just to cold. Rather than turn around I take the next right that will bring me back to my house... basically taking me around a BIG block.

I'm just about back to my driveway. The sun is down and it's starting to drop into what feels like the low teens for temp. My hands are numb from the cold, my nose will not stop running, my hip and ego hurt from the earlier fall....... and I ended up doing another loop around the block!!
I read through some of the other posts...Lazy
Mar 5, 2001 6:56 PM
You ROCK!! Nice job. I did that ride about 1.5 months ago.
SuckedJerry near St. Louis
Mar 5, 2001 2:03 PM
Saturday. Doctor still won't let me race since my heart attack in November. Drove daughter to the Froze Toes road race near Columbia, Missouri. She was in the lead pack of the Cat 4 women but crashed. Go to drive home and find my van stuck in mud. Call tow truck for me and 4 others in the same predicament. Dark by time I get home.

Sunday. Go to work just for an hour or two. This fool leave 6 hours later. Too late to ride.
re: How was everyone's weekend of riding/training?eam
Mar 5, 2001 5:28 PM
Wonderful. Heard that there would be rain moving in Sunday afternoon, so got an early start. The sun was out but it was quite windy. Ventured a little off the beaten path, toward the smell of freshly spread manure, and fewer cars. Perhaps the overwhelming stench made me lightheaded, or maybe I was just lost inside my head, but at some point the hills to the west began to look an awful lot like the hills to the east. Before I knew it, my 25 mile ride turned into 45. A few lucky guesses at unfamiliar intersections returned me just as the first few raindrops fell. A perfectly enjoyable morning.
re: How was everyone's weekend of riding/training?cp123
Mar 5, 2001 5:52 PM
One of my worst for a looong time. Invented a new gymnastic dismount manoeuvre which I would not recommend. (be careful of water bottles bouncing into front wheels) Result to bike - badly buckled front wheel and rather bent handlebars. Got up, released front brakes to try and free front wheel to rotate, but had the sudden "uh oh!" feeling when i got on and pedalled.

So after getting a car ride back, diagnosis torn medial meniscus of left knee, bleeding behind kneecap, significant bruising and swelling. Plus miscellaneous rather spectacular bruises now popping up over other areas of my body. 2 possible outcomes of treatment - 1 good and 1 not so good. But it's buggered up my plans for the next little while.

Not even going very fast, just one of those ones where you land really awkwardly - still attached to one pedal and my left leg went one way while my right still clipped in went the other.

I'm hoping for the good outcome...
caffine and rainDarragh
Mar 5, 2001 6:12 PM
Saturday was one of those rare days when the legs were in prime condition. Powered up the hills and thundered along on the flats. 50 with a break for coffee with an exgirlfriend. Sunday was a different matter. Heavy San F. rain. Legs were cold and not moving very well. But it was a fun 30. Reminded me of home (Ireland).
For the dogs...Teach
Mar 5, 2001 6:28 PM
Went on a short ride that was made shorter because I got bitten by a dog! Nothing serious, but it did break the skin, which necessitated a trip back (in the car) to check the status of the dog's shot records. Here I was, trying to keep from hitting the one in front of me when another one comes up from behind and takes a bite out of my leg - I couldn't believe it. You can bet I'll be reaching for that water bottle every time I see a dog! The owner's response? "They don't bite, though they do like to chase cyclists."
testing new saddledoug in co
Mar 6, 2001 10:12 AM
went out for an easy 30 miler on trails & around Chatfield. I can't find a saddle that is comfortable when riding on the aerobars, latest attempt is a Terry TI Race, but it has ugly great seams around the cutout that just sliced me up.. augh.
Other than that, fine ride, a bit cool but OK once warmed up. Ice under the bridges on the trails, had to walk a few underpasses. Labouring around Chatfield Res, hunched over the aerobars trying to keep up 20mph into a headwind, when a pack of 40-50 comes just flying by.. got back on the drops and let them go, then chased up the hills and caught a few stragglers.
Race next weekend, Poudre Duathlon, 5k/30k/5k. Haven't peaked for it so it's more of a fitness test..