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Freewheel/trackcog/lockring w/front brake only- safe?(4 posts)

Freewheel/trackcog/lockring w/front brake only- safe?Auriaprottu
Jan 31, 2004 5:54 PM
Well, I decided to fix rather than SS after all. So... this morning I bit the bullet and ground off the top tube brake cable guides (along with the shift bosses, derailleur hanger and and chainstay guide)and primed the frame. Had the LBS remove the 6-speed freewheel from my intended hub with the intention of buying a 3/32" cog and BB lockring. Good to go, right? Wrong. Two hours later I find (thru a reading of Sheldon Brown's pages) that using a freehub with a cog, lockring and Loctite isn't recommended unless you have both brakes installed. Great. Just how risky is this? Do I need to have new guides brazed on, or can I get by until funds permit the purchase of a rear wheel with a proper track hub?
re: Freewheel/trackcog/lockring w/front brake only- safe?popdan
Jan 31, 2004 6:19 PM
you'll be fine. just don't slam the front brake on as hard as you can. if your cog would spin off and your front brake would fail at the same time you could always stick your foot on the rear tire by the brake bridge to slow down. or run into something soft.
Jan 31, 2004 8:40 PM
You should be just fine. In fact I know people who, IMO with a lack of better judgement, have brakeless fixies with just a lock-tited cog on a freewheel hub and have no problems. Granted they put a lot of the super hold locktite on, but still I think a bb lockring is a good idea.

If you use a front brake, then there should be no need to worry ~ 75% of your stopping power comes from the front brake if you use it properly. That in mind, you really don't need to apply backpressure on the pedals. Which in turn means that the cog doesn't really need to worry about coming off.
should be ok, but...wooden legs
Feb 1, 2004 4:01 PM
I was riding a budget fixie with the freewheel loctite setup and it took a few days for all the loctite to properly cure. i drenched it with loctite because i was having the problem of the cog slipping when i applied back pressure, and after that it seemed ok, but i would never put full back pressure on the pedals, which in my opinion is one of the beuties of riding a fixed gear bike. ride that with one break for a while, but get a true fixed hub asap cause you're always going to be holding yourself back as long as there's a possibility of the loctite failing.