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Masi frameset question(4 posts)

Masi frameset questionsfsailor
Jan 26, 2004 4:31 PM
I need to replace the frameset on my fixed gear that was run over by a car. Someone is offering me what he believes to be a Masi Prestige. It is a repaint with no decals, but has the following identifiers; "Masi" engraved on both rear stays, and a cutout M in the bottom bracket. He says it has a serial # but I was in my car and could not write it down. Does anyone know of a reference guide for Masi serial#s. Thanks for your help, trying to get back on the road. He is asking 150 including an older Campy headset and a Phil Wood BB. Thanks for any help-Rhett
re: Masi frameset questionpopdan
Jan 26, 2004 4:57 PM
Brian Baylis [] used to work for Masi. If he can't answer your question I'm sure he could point you in the right direction. also check out:
re: Masi frameset questionlaffeaux
Jan 27, 2004 10:29 AM
The California Masi serial numbers are pretty well documented through the early '80s. See:

However, the Prestige is an Italian frame, so those numbers mean nothing. I've not seen any thing on the Italian serial numbers after the California-Italian split.
on second thought...laffeaux
Jan 27, 2004 10:38 AM
On the page I gave above, click on "Masi lore" and there is info on dating Italian Masis. That must be new since last time I was there.