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Wanna be a newbite, help...(1 post)

Wanna be a newbite, help...Jas0n
Jan 19, 2004 7:56 AM
i have an interesting situation i could use some advice on. im selling my dura ace kit on my main bike, a calfee dragonfly, and want to upgrade to record in the spring (when i get back from college). in the meantime, i'd like to convert the bike into a fixed gear. whats the best way to do this, considering i'll be starting from scratch with basically a frame/fork, seatpost, etc .... Anyone have parts lying around they want to get rid of? (crankset, cogs, brakes, levers, etc ...) My boss is Eric, the designer of the ENO hub, so i want to use his hub with velocity arrowheads. what about cranksets, gearing, bb? thanks alot.