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A nice coincidence!(1 post)

A nice coincidence!Welshboy
Jan 18, 2004 11:22 AM
My fixed wheel bike is about two years old now but illustrates just how easy it is to build up a fixed wheel using a steel road frame with horizontal dropouts.

The frame is a Tange no-name which many shops sell in the UK for about $180 with a dedicated fixed wheel version with track ends for about 50% more (not worth the extra IMO). The spares box supplied the Campag brake levers and Shimano RX100 57mm brakes but the best bit was my flukey discovery that a Chorus bottom bracket and old RX100 chainset creates a perfect chainline on this frame! Campag and Shimano working together in harmony! (Ebony and Ivory)

I'm having so much fun on this bike that I've treated it to some new Conti GP 4-Season 25C tyres which seem OK and kept me upright on some ice this morning.

(Sorry but couldn't post a picture)