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want to try out some track racing?(2 posts)

want to try out some track racing?climbo
Jan 15, 2004 3:38 PM
OK, I'm looking for riders to help fill spots for a track day at Lehigh Velodrome (in Trexlertown PA) on May 16th (a Sunday). Noon until 3pm, bring some food and drinks, have a good time, meet some new folks.

It will be a bunch of novice track riders looking to learn and have fun. Some of us ride fixed gear, most of us race Road and/or Mtn and Cross, Cat 3's on the road mostly, some 4's.

I'm looking to get 20 people in total so if you're interested post here and I'll get a list going of who's DEFINITELY interested and then figure it out from there, first come first served type deal. If I get 20 people that would be about $7.50 each person for the track hire and a coach, then it's $10 if you need bike (so max $20). This is planned as a fun event with some semi-serious sidebar racing fun, not an all out crush fest.

Cheers. Climbo

PS. you can e-mail me at home instead if you like at:

Just title the e-mail TRACK DAY or something like that so I don't delete it.
Me! Me! Me!Qubeley
Jan 18, 2004 12:08 PM
I am a cat3 road in NYC. Been wanting to race track for a long time. I was going to race Kissena, new work schedule won't allow me to do that. I would love to ride T-town.
My teammate, a cat4 probably would like to do that as well.
Please email me ( about the details. And send a carbon copy to my teammate (
We both have our own track bikes.