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I finally did it and here it is, suggestions appreciated(4 posts)

I finally did it and here it is, suggestions appreciatedsfsailor
Jan 13, 2004 9:46 PM
After being tempted I noticed that an old road bike that has been on my trainer for 9 years had pretty long horizontal drop outs. When a lbs was closing it's doors and selling everything for 1/2 off I took it to be an omen. They had one Suzue flip flop wheel set. So after an afternoon of rearranging and throwing stuff away here is what I ended up with. 1985 Marushi Professional with the above wheel set, a 18t freewheel and a 16t dura ace fixed cog(with a lock ring). I left the spd dualsided pedals that have been on the bike for years. I did not like the handle bars so I went for the flip and trim and retaped.
Total investment: Wheelset, freewheel and cogs-150.00, tape for bars 3.00, 4 hours to make it happen.
I have ridden about a hundred miles oneach the free wheel and the fixed. I have been very tentative as far as turning goes. So here are the questions, Will I be ok with the 170mm cranks? What about tires? I have a 25 in the back but the front is only a 23, both seem a little small as I definetly cannot ride as gently as I can on a road bike. This is bike is for general riding around town, does anyone have any tire suggestions. Any suggestions would be appreciated, so far I have been having a blast.
Only one suggeston...wspokes
Jan 14, 2004 6:51 AM
Keep having a blast and fully enjoy!
Nice bike!KG 361
Jan 14, 2004 7:49 AM
May want to go with 28 or 30 tires. As for the crank arms, I use 170's and they are fine-I'd leave them on.
nice job!dzrider
Jan 14, 2004 8:22 AM
170 cranks should be fine. With more time you'll learn to slow earlier and lean less at corners and avoid the toe overlap in low speed manouevering. You'll also learn to ride every bit as gently - you can get an inch off the seat while pedaling.

For beater tires I like Panaracer Paselas and Avocet Cross tires in their smaller sizes more than I like bigger versions of high performance tires. The tread tends to be thicker and a little stickier which is a nice combination riding around town, especially in the rain. Go as big as you can easily fit which may not be the same size front and back.