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What am I missing? Konfused?(5 posts)

What am I missing? Konfused?B2
Jan 6, 2004 1:06 PM
OK help me out here – I've got to be missing something really obvious, but I'm missing it just the same. If you remove a multi-speed freewheel and then thread a SS freewheel on, why would you have to redish the wheel?? Wouldn't you want it centered on the hub axel regardless of where the cog is located? Now of course there would chain line issues that may or may not be able to be addressed with spacers, but that's another issue (I think).

Do you like your chainline?OverStuffed
Jan 6, 2004 1:32 PM
If you put on the SS freewheel, your chainline will most likely not be right. If you correct the chainline, then the rim will not be centered in the frame. If you want your rim centered in the frame, then you have to redish the wheel. If you like your chainline, though, you don't have to re-dish your wheel.

I think my problem is knowing little about freewheels vs cassettesB2
Jan 6, 2004 5:39 PM
Thanks for the reply Kevin.

I can relate to changing the chain line of a SS cog on a cassette hub via the positioning of spacers. The use of spacers in this instance does not change the dish of the wheel since the actual hub position is fixed. With a freewheel, can you thread on some kind of spacer to adjust the chainline (i.e. - like spacers on a freehub)? If so, the dish is not affected. Now if you need to move spacers on the hub axel from the left to the right side of the hub or visa versa, this would change the position of the hub itself relative to the drop outs and require that the wheel be redished. Am I on the right track here? I guess the question is: How do you adjust the chainline position of threaded SS freewheel?

To your question...stratoshark
Jan 7, 2004 7:35 AM
I adjusted the position of my SS fw by changing hub axle spacers (and then redishing the wheel). While you can use spacers behind the SS fw, and I have used a 1mm spacer there, I wouldn't go crazy with a lot of spacers there. The SS fw's threads must engage the hub's threads, and engaging too few threads could lead to a stripped hub.

And I think you are on track in your understanding of redishing the wheel if the hub's position is changed relative to the dropouts.
Thank You - I think I understand now (nm)B2
Jan 7, 2004 10:27 AM