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Track nuts (serrated) - how many of you use them?(9 posts)

Track nuts (serrated) - how many of you use them?jtferraro
Dec 30, 2003 7:13 AM
My '04 Fuji Track didn't come w/track nuts - just nuts. I went for a ride on Saturday, to visit my LBS. On my way home, as I was crossing an intersection, I suddendly knew something was wrong because I felt the rear tire rubbing. Initially, I thought the tire was rubbing the fender. Upon realizing my chain had also gone quite slack, I realized the rear wheel had come loose on one side and the tire was rubbing against one of my chainstays. I pulled over, pulled back the rear wheel and recentered it, and fastened the nuts. This time I used much more force in cranking them down, though. I guess I'll see how it goes for now but I was curious to note how many of you use actual track nuts (they have serrated faces to better "adhere" to your bikes track ends). I know Harris Cyclery/Sheldon Brown sells them and I'd imagine I'd be able to pick them up at my LBS.


yes, on the rearDougSloan
Dec 30, 2003 7:38 AM
I started off on my Pista with the regular nuts supplied, but they would not hold tight or would creep a little when I was tightening them. So, I bought the "real" track nuts from Harris. They work better, as they have a built in washer gizmo. No need for them on the front, as far as I can tell.

re: Track nuts (serrated) - how many of you use them?xxl
Dec 30, 2003 9:23 AM
I use them, but they're actually kind of smooth on the dropout side (vs. serrated). The idea is that when you're torquing down the axle nuts, the smooth faces/washers will move a little against the dropouts, so that your axle stays put, and your wheel in place, until the tension from the axle nuts is enough to hold it all together. Trying that with the crappy "track nuts" that came with my hubs (which were serrated, but w/o integral washers) was frustrating, as those nuts would grab the dropout just enough to pivot the wheel out of position. A mite pricey for a couple of washered nuts, but a very convenient thing for the total outlay.

Do make sure you get the correct thread size for your axle, though, as the wrong size can let you strip threads off nuts and/or axles with surprising ease; Sheldon Brown should be able to help with selection.
worth the money.Arnold Zefal
Dec 30, 2003 9:34 AM
a track nut uses a captured washer (usually not serrated) which will hold better and be easier to set up than a plain nut. and it will not chew up the dropouts like a plain nut. I'd carefully dress the dropout mounting surface with a file and switch over to proper track nuts. it will be money well spent in the long run.
re: Track nuts (serrated) - how many of you use them?Qubeley
Dec 30, 2003 12:47 PM
I have them, came with the DuraAce hub.
The problem you experience really is because the nuts were not tightened properly in the first place. As when I have the Fuji, the back wheel next splipped.
You can also look at the chain tensioners, like the one they use on BMX bike. They really work, and make it easier for you to align the back wheel. I think they cost about $10 at my LBS, about the same as a pair of track nuts.
re: Track nuts (serrated) - how many of you use them?cmgauch
Dec 30, 2003 2:05 PM
I've had slippage also using the stock Fuji nuts. I crank 'em down hard too, but hard use moves my wheel slightly.
Dec 31, 2003 9:02 PM
You really must use decent serrated track nuts on any fixed-gear. Buy them at Harris.
Thanks all. I'll be ordering them soon...jtferraro
Jan 1, 2004 9:00 AM
Here's the pic from Harris Cyclery. The ones on the left are called "track nuts" and are the washer type, while the ones on the right are called "serrated flange nuts". I'll probably go with the track nuts. I just need to figure out what size - 10 x 1 mm, 9 x 1 mm, or 9.5 x 26 tpi. I'd imagine my Fuji uses the 10 x 1 mm's but I'll have to confirm.

Happy New Year!

Here's that pic...jtferraro
Jan 1, 2004 9:03 AM