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Bianchi Sport SS fixie conversion(1 post)

Bianchi Sport SS fixie conversionukiahb
Dec 14, 2003 4:38 PM
Just built this one as a gift for my brother...found the bike in a thrift store, not a high end frame, but it is very low miles w/ nearly perfect paint and the desired long horizontal dropouts. Welded a Shimano freehub body (rear wheel came from another bike) to "fix it" and am running a single cog w/ extra spacers. The cog came from the original cassette, but plan to replace it w/ a BMX cog when I find one, spline pattern is the same from what I've read. Features mismatched wheels, tires, wheel sizes, and inner tube valve types for extra points. Gearing is 52x19 (74 inches)