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Cheap Wheelsets? Anyone?(3 posts)

Cheap Wheelsets? Anyone?-Dave-
Dec 4, 2003 3:39 PM
Does anyone know of where you can get an ultra cheap wheelset? I don't care if the wheels weigh like 2 pounds each, I just want a cheap one. Is it any cheaper to build it yourself? Any help would be appriciated.
Got a pair once for $30 ...Humma Hah
Dec 4, 2003 4:33 PM
... which I am presently running on the SS cruiser. Old 6-speed corncob screwed right off and on went a SS freewheel. I got those at a surplus dealer in San Diego, but they were 26", not 700c. Shimano HG. Aluminum, 36-spoke, nice and round. They roll.

Velodrome flea markets: decent used wheels are typically around $25. One wheel of a pair I picked up was in need of fresh spokes, and the rims don't match, but the pair was $40. One of the wheels had a modern hub and a Mavic rim. The other was a hi-flange flip flop I needed. I also picked up a front wheel with a high-flange Campy hub for $25, but also in want of spokes.

Bought a pair of fairly wide, heavy, 700c rims at the lbs recently for $15 each at Performance. Spokes for the two wheels I'm rebuilding are 40 cents each x 72, under $30 to do both wheels. Truing stand, $50, and I have it for life. The hubs are from used wheels (one Suntour, the other Campy), let's say they were effectively $25 each. So I've got $110 invested in a pair of wheels, built up myself, not including the stand (which every cyclist should have for truing).

As for buying new hubs, there are some cheap ones out there (some Suzues are in the under-$40 range), but usually when people buy hubs to build wheels, they're after top-end hubs costing hundreds.

Check Performance or anyone else having a clearance, and check with your LBS. Lots of folks upgrade almost-new wheels, and the LBS may have a set he'll have a set from an entry-level bike available, that they'll let go cheap.
Campy recordwspokes
Dec 5, 2003 4:49 AM
I recently posted a need on rec.marketplace and got a response. The wheel showed up Monday for total...$20 shipped. It is a Campy Record hub, fixed 17t cog held on with a BB lockring. Tubular tire that is worn and old but still holds air and works fine. Mavic GP-4 rim, true...nothing wrong at all. Really nice actually. $20. Try posting your need to rec.marketplace. You may be surprised.