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Shimano BB- DuraAce or Track?(3 posts)

Shimano BB- DuraAce or Track?Eben
Nov 24, 2003 11:18 AM
I just picked up some 105 Octalink cranks to replace the beat up Sora ones I've been using and will obviously have to replace the bottom bracket as well. I know there have been some reliability issues with the large spindle BB's and am wondering if the Shimano Track BB would be a more durable choice than a DuraAce? Are the track BB's adequately sealed for all weather road use? Thanks for any help.

A pic of the bike I posted a while back:
Eben "My first post: Simoncini fixed" 9/22/03 4:11pm
re: Shimano BB- DuraAce or Track?joe friday
Nov 24, 2003 1:48 PM
Shimano7700 (ball and needle bearings, adjustable bearing preload, Octalink splined spindle) 109.5 mm. Asymmetrical

Shimano 7710 (cartridge bearing, NJS type, Octalink splined spindle) 109.5 mm. Spindle not replaceable

From these discriptions, it sounds like the Track specific
(7710) b/b is more 'solidly built'--I reeally have *no*
idea, but traditionally the track stuff is NOT sealed for
contamination, so rain rides etc.. would prolly not be

i've heard that the probs with the regular dura-ace (7700)
may have to do with the b/b shell not being properly faced
before installation--resulting in the bearings not being
loaded/aligned in the proper directions--I reeally have
*no* idea, since they would still be in the same plane,
threadwise, I dunno if that's how it is or not.

I'm contemplating a similar dilemma with Campagnolo. The
Track is unsealed... but so is my rear hub!

Now let me ask you something, since i've really been no
help, :-)

What kind of tires are those and what width, and have you
had any problems with punctures etc..?
They look "way cool"! :)
Nov 24, 2003 6:19 PM
Thanks for the info, I need to face/chase my BB shell anyway so maybe I'll just go with the DA and see how it works out, I'm in Portland, OR so I definitely need something that's rain worthy. The tires are "Vittoria Pro-Team Action HSD23" as the name would suggest they're 23c. I got them for like $10/ea from somebody like nashbar, usually just go for the cheapest decent thing available for my fixie but these do look especially good. As for flats, I've only had one and it was a really big circular nail that probably would have gone through anything!