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gearing for hilly areas?(5 posts)

gearing for hilly areas?sslos
Nov 19, 2003 5:56 PM
this is prolly a topic that's been beat to death, but i'm just getting ready to convert my bianchi reparto corsa el/os over to fixed, and was wondering about gear size for san diego.
the hills here tend to be pretty steep, and i'm new to fixie riding. i already have a 39t chainring, and a 16t cog- giving a 64.3" gear.
would that just be ridiculously small to start?
thanks in advance for the input.

the los
Good place to start..Dave Hickey
Nov 19, 2003 7:42 PM
Nothing wrong with 64 gear inches for hilly areas. You might want to even start smaller. I ride 70 inches on flat Texas terrain.
I live amongst the hills as wellwspokes
Nov 20, 2003 4:33 AM
I have about 200 miles of fixed in since building up my bike and I started with a 39x18t. I live in hilly Pennsylvania regions...I am going to a 16t. The 18 is super comfortable for the hills but after some experimentation, I now know a 16 would be a bit better for me. I would say you could go lower to start and then if you find it is good and you want to bump so! Good luck and enjoy.
That's close to my gearing...PdxMark
Nov 20, 2003 2:37 PM
I ride 44/18. It works well for commuting & climbing. I even rode a 450 mile tour on it this summer. The devil in the details is the grade of the hills you're riding. During the tour I went up some hills with 10-14% grades. I just barely got up the steepest hill - rather than RPMs, the relevent units for cadence was seconds/revolution. 6%-8% grades are just fine for me, however.

It sounds like you're at a good starting point, but listen to your KNEES. If they aren't happy, change the gearing. I ended up changing both my chainring & cog to get the ratio I wanted. It allowed me to get a finer gearing change than if I had just changed the cog.
I'm in the same area....rcmann
Nov 20, 2003 4:26 PM
and spend time slogging around the hills in Camp Pendleton with a 49/19 which ends up being a 67+. It's perfect around here, hurts a bit up the steep ones but not too bad, gives a nice comfortable 20mph on the flats. 64 should be good, you may want to kick it up a bit but not too much.