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Bob Jackson Fixed(2 posts)

Bob Jackson Fixedwspokes
Nov 11, 2003 7:19 AM
Here's a pic of my Bob Jackson Fixie...finally. ITM handlebars, American Classic stem, Sansin hubs and Red labeled NOS Fiamme tubular rims, Campy crankset with 39t, Campy brake calipers, 18t surly in the rear. I have plans to get a 16 and 17 cog as well once I am used to the bike. This is my first fixie build and my first time riding far no problems. I was cautious when choosing the gearing due to the hills in my area but I think I can safely go to the other cogs on occasion as long as I choose my routes wisely! Hope you enjoy.
A BeautyVW
Nov 11, 2003 11:13 AM
When I first saw the Bob Jackson in the Bicycling Magazine 25 years ago, I remembered wanting its competitor Ron Cooper. Now, I probably want a more relax Bob Jackson.

I use an 18 cog, and it allow me to climb some small hills. I too like to get a smaller cog so I can go a little faster in a tail wind.