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Ahh, the dichotomy of fixed gear…(1 post)

Ahh, the dichotomy of fixed gear…cmgauch
Nov 10, 2003 7:49 AM
Standing, grinding up a big climb at 12 rpm...eight agonizing minutes later, hurtling down the other side at 160 rpms (37.7 mph).

I had a nice fall 40-miler yesterday on which to ponder this and other random thoughts. The addition of a front brake gave me the courage to try out a particularly nasty climb that has been blocking me from some sweat roads on my fixed gear rides so far. I met a proper roadie on the first part of my ride & we traded pulls up to the start of the hill. He was nice enough to point out the bailout option and was surprised when I didn't take it.

I was not happy when the road got steep (48x16), and I thought I would fall over when I glanced at the cadence & saw 12, but I made it. My arms had as much to do with that as my legs did, I think. Five miles later, as luck would have it, my front tire began to go flat right in front of the only deli for miles around. I took a break from the 40-degree weather & went in for some coffee and a tire change.

I made it home a ½ hour before dark, dead-tired, but happy I didn't end up walking.