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Several ?'s for building my fixie.(3 posts)

Several ?'s for building my fixie.TUT2222
Nov 7, 2003 5:03 PM
I bought a 70's/80's Bianchi frame to build a fixie. No clue as to the model or year, but it had campy components at one point, and has 126 rear spacing. I have a set of 165 S Record cranks and a AC-H BB(111) on the way. I've read Sheldons site and every other I could find, but still have so many questions. I believe this is a 27" wheeled frame. The fork is probably toast, so I am trying to find a replacement steel or maybe go with an Easton EC30(90 bucks at Nashbar). Any sources besides Ebay for steel? EC30 decent? If I change to 700 will I need a long reach brake for the rear? Does a rear brake work, clearance wise, for a flipflop hub, if the cogs are close in size(a couple of teeth)?It has the shorter horizontal dropouts,not the campy 1010 style,so there is some room for positioning.
As far as chainline, I assume I need to keep the chainwheel on the inside of the crank for a track type hub and standard cranks.
Wheelsets- any reccomendations for complete wheels that don't cost an arm and leg?
I am trying to not go overboard on costs, so ebay and good sales will be my main source for parts, but I also feel you get what you pay for, so I want decent components.
Thanks, and sorry for rambling.
re: Several ?'s for building my fixie.TUT2222
Nov 7, 2003 5:12 PM
Also, I plan to use 23's or 25's for tires, and all my riding will basically be flat(Sunny Florida), so I am thinking 42x16 for one gear set.
re: Several ?'s for building my fixie.desmo
Nov 7, 2003 8:55 PM
126 spacing makes it 80's and most likley 700c. what makes you think different? try Renainsance cycles for a fork. They had some nice vintage nos Colnago chromed steel units in various sizes for a reasonable price.