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I'm getting a Binachi Pista...What size?(2 posts)

I'm getting a Binachi Pista...What size?853
Nov 1, 2003 2:37 PM
I don't know what size to order.
I normally ride a 54cm frame (w/ a 54.5cm top tube and a 110mm stem). But the Pista only comes in either a 53cm or a 55cm. The 53 has a 53.5cm top tube so I could use a 120mm stem to match my current position. Am I thinking about this wrongly? I'm leaning towards the 53cm, and the bike will be used only on the track. The bike shop is asking $490 for a new 04'... is that a good deal? Is there other bikes I should look for..that are track oriented?

Sounds like a good deal...jtferraro
Nov 1, 2003 8:04 PM
The LBS I went to wanted $550 for an '03. Another bike to consider is the KHS Flite 100. It sounds like the 53cm might fit you better b/c track frames usually have a higher BB, although I'm not sure about stem length. Don't forget -the seat tube angle is probably different (steeper) than on your existing road bike.