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My latest project and some qustions(4 posts)

My latest project and some qustionsDave Hickey
Oct 31, 2003 11:58 AM
I just bought this frame from Van Dessel. It's a Straightup7 with 135mm rear spacing and it takes 700c wheels. I convinced them to sell me the frame and fork only. I also bought a set of Kogswell 135mm hubs. I plan on a winter/MUT cruiser and maybe some dirt path riding.

Here are my questions?

1. How to stop the thing. If I go with road calipers, I'm sure I'll need long reach. I'm thinking of buying a cheap aluminum cyclocross fork with canti mounts. Any thoughts on which would be better

2. Wheels- I'm using the Kogswell 32h hubs. What are my rim options for around a 700-35 tire?

3. Bars- I'm thinking of straight mountain bars or bull horns. Again, any thoughts?

I'll post some work in progress pics when I get the frame
You are in luck... I own bothss-nyc
Oct 31, 2003 12:23 PM
Well, I actually have the Van Dessel Country Road Bob with 110mm Shimano DX BMX hubs spaced to 135mm and I just had a Kogswell frame with Kogswell 135mm hubs built so I hope I can help.

1) You will need BMX brakes. Van Dessel recommends the "Odyssey 1999" lever and brake set which they sell on thier website or you can get them from any shop that has a QBP account:

2) You can never go wrong with a Mavic MA3 (622x15) which I used for my Kogswell hubs but I am only running 700x28s on the Kogswell. On the Van Dessel I used Mavic T221 Cyclocross/Touring rim (622x17) and use a 700x42 tire although it probably pushes the limit on size.

Read an article on Sheldon Brown's site about tire size/rim width recommendations:

If you do not have time to read the entire article just scroll to the bottom which has a handy chart which will give you the information you want.

3) Flat or Riser bars! Nothing like having a nice upright position for cruising. It does not always have to be about aero positions and speed. Sometimes it can just be about comfort.

Hope this helps and email me with any other questions:
bid4items AT aol DOT com
Thanks for the info...Dave Hickey
Oct 31, 2003 12:31 PM
I'll look into the BMX brakes. Being a roadie, I no nothing about BMX, Canti, V-brakes.....

I looked a Sheldons site for brakes but I didn't think about looking for tires/rims. Note to self: Always check Sheldons site for questions:-)
Oct 31, 2003 1:09 PM
You may not rememebr but your were very helpful just about the time this board started and I was trying to build my first single-speed. I just thought I could return the favor.

Honestly, I am a roadie too but the Van Dessel and then the Kogswell made me do a great deal of research on brakes, chainline, spacing, and all things fixed and singlespeed. The 135mm spacing and 52mm chainline can be a pain but I have been through it twice now so let me know if you have any questions. Crank/chainstay clearance is especially a big problem.

I may even have some extra parts if you need them.

email: bid4items AT aol DOT com