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What do folks know about GT track bikes?(2 posts)

What do folks know about GT track bikes?Swat Dawg
Oct 27, 2003 3:01 PM
I recently met a guy at a race that told me about a 55cm GT track bike he is selling. He says he too old and has got kids which keep him from riding. The bike comes with wheels, tires, two sets of bars, and some other stuff for $500. So two questions: I normally ride a 54-54.5 cm top tube, what is the fit going to be like on the GT? I can ride a 56 cm trek, but only with a 90 mm stem. Second, is this a good deal or should I look for something else? From what I have seen GT frames are pretty hot stuff in Track circles and I have lusted over them a good bit. It would also be a chance to own a bike from a manufacturer that I idealized when I was a little kid. That stuff aside, tell me what you think about the bike and the deal. Thanks for the help.
re: What do folks know about GT track bikes?cmgauch
Oct 28, 2003 8:38 AM
I dunno much about pricing but if it is all in good shape I'd certainly put 4 c notes & 5 20's in my pocket & go check it out. Sizing seems reasonable - I think the GT is typical track geometry - aluminum f&f.