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fuji track questions(6 posts)

fuji track questionsmon t
Oct 25, 2003 6:07 AM
say. i am mucho interested in the fuji track bike, for road ( actualy triathlon..) use. problem is, my computer sees the pop-up things on geometry and color and specs from the fuji site as ads. and whacks them before i can see them ! could you help a brother out?

is there a fuji track with a 54 cm tt? what size bike would be 54 for the tt?

what is the bb drop on the bike?

colors - just the red? is the decal a sticker a fellow can peel off or clear coated? kinda ugly, it is. :(

any paticularly nice spec on the bike?

is the fork threaded, or aheadset - style?

what are guys getting them for, price wise? any mailorder sources??

finally, anything comparable out there - specifically, a fix only road geometry bike/frame cheapish. i know the soma and the bianchi are more piste style geometry - i am looking for road geometry for doing triathlons and ironmans on - 112 mile time trials with a marathon afterwords makes a guy want something a little more stable and relaxed, don't ya know. :) the surly steamroller, mebee ??? is the surly LOTS heavier than the fuji, do you reckon ???

thanx. tim
Maybe you should uninstall that software?jtferraro
Oct 25, 2003 12:55 PM
The 52cm frame has a 54cm TT. BB drop is 405mm. The '04 model is only available in Screaming Red. Perhaps you should see if you can find an '03, as it is silver, blue, and black. All the major stickers (i.e. "Fuji", "Track") are clear coated over. Best spec on the bike is the nice frameset: Fuji Elios 2 custom butted Cro-Moly with outer butted seat tube

Rear triangle Fuji Elios 1 custom tapered Cro-Moly with track dropout

Fork Fuji Custom Triple Butted, Tapered Cro-Moly, Aero Road

Headset: FSA 1" Threadless W/Roller Bearing

I got mine for $500 but most bike shops have them for more - as much as $600. No cheap mail order places, that I know of, to order them from.

The Surly Steamroller is another nice frameset!

re: fuji track questionsctisevn
Oct 25, 2003 7:23 PM
uncheck the "block pop up ads" feature if youre using safari. if youre using a plugin to IE, uninstall the plugin. luddite....
copla things about tri....Steve_0
Oct 27, 2003 6:53 AM
1. If you ride in a forward position, a pista-type geometry is actually closer to a 'tri' or TT setup than a traditional road. About 1/2 the field at kona rides forward, so dont necessarily shy from pista for just that.

2. As a guy who's done numerous sprints on FG and SSs, I wouldnt recommend doing longer distance races:

1. Except in optimal conditions (no wind), you'll be faster with gears
2. Transitions are faster if you can coast
3. Must tri formats are such that bike weight is not an issue (ie., as flat and straight as possible)
4. Its nice to change up by spinning out or standing/coasting just before T2; this helps prevent running on treestumps.
5. It's nice to save your legs every chance you can coast where you'd otherwise be spinning out.

FWIW - Of hundreds of rides per year, the ONLY time I ride my multi-geared bike is during Olympic and longer tris.

3. Tri rules require front AND rear brakes.

If you're just out for the challenge of a tri on a FG, thats cool, but if you're actually racing, you'll be better off with (at least some) gears.
copla things about tri....mon t
Oct 27, 2003 9:22 AM
steve. thanx a ton. a couple guys are planning on doing ironman wisconsin on FG's ( '05), just for the hell of it. i'll ride the course a few times and decide on SS vs FG, but i'm not really racing, just doing it for the fun and challenge. thanks for the info, tho!
...if you're doing it for the challenge,Steve_0
Oct 27, 2003 12:22 PM
well then you GOTTA go fixed! sounds fun; enjoy!