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trolling for an unfinished project...(6 posts)

trolling for an unfinished project...natetheskate
Oct 19, 2003 9:47 PM
I am not a regular poster on this board, but I am a dedicated SS MTBer and I ride a fixie to work. My wife drove my fixie into the garage last week (I have driven bikes into the garage myself), and I am at the point of my emotional recovery where I start looking for a replacement frame. I thought I would post and see if anyone has a used frame that they thought they would build up and haven't or that has been discarded after an upgrade, etc. I am looking for a 56cm frame (+/-) with a 1" head tube, preferrably steel. I don't have a lot of cash for this project, but thought I would ask...
$29.95 on
Oct 20, 2003 3:09 AM
$29.95 on eBay...eddie m
Oct 20, 2003 10:42 AM
That looks just like the frame I got from a Minneapolis bike shop through ebay a few years ago. At that time he had about 10 frames. The local Trek dealer thinks it's a Trek 400 Ishawata double butted frame from the mid-80's, held at the factory as a replacement for warranty claims. The fork is not as good quality as the frame. Mine has been sprayed blue over a nice silver paint job, but the blue chips easily. Mine was a bargain for $40 and I've been riding it as a fixed gear for 4 years. It's my favorite bike.
I own one.....great deal!!!Grizfan
Oct 20, 2003 7:30 PM
I purchased two of these frames & must say the paint is fantastic and the ride is great! 29.95 for a brand new frame, you cant go wrong... I got creative with my build...
Is the TT really 55cm?Dave Hickey
Oct 21, 2003 3:07 AM
I've thought of buying one but the top tube seams really long for a 51.5cm frame
Oct 21, 2003 4:17 AM
That is why I bought it. It has geometry like older touring frames...very stable and very long. Fits my build...short legs and long torso!