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Jamie Roy from IRO fixie I got to test...(5 posts)

Jamie Roy from IRO fixie I got to
Oct 17, 2003 2:00 PM
This is not spam!
(I am a regular poster to this discussion board)

I am not affiliated with IRO Cycles in any way. I just found it while searching on eBay, checked out the website, and then contacted them since I live very close and wanted to test ride the bike. I got to ride it this morning and it was really nice. I think the frame is only $179 or at least that is the buy-it-now price on eBay. They were so nice I told them I would post a review.

You can check out specs and geometry on the website here:

I was able to ride my size, 53cm, and was just amazed at how far aluminum has come in the past few years. It was actually rather nice and smooth. The geometry is more like a road bike so the bike seemed to track well and not get too twitchy like some track bikes tend to be. I even made sure to take the bike on some bumpy sections with the 700x28s and the frame still did not make my teeth chatter like some other aluminum frames. It did have carbon fork but I assume most people would use a carbon or steel fork which would also help with the dreaded "aluminum ride" found on some bikes. The bike is fast and stiff in all the right places and light!

Build quality is typical for what you would find from mass produced import. The welds are not pretty but they are strong. The paint seemed flawless and I even think the frame had clearcoat over the graphics which is a nice bonus. This is not a $2000 frame but who cares if you are going to build it up as a fixie for everyday use.

I only have 2 concerns about this frame:

1) I just purchased a Kogswell before I knew about this frame so there is no way I can convince my wife I need one of these...well, at least not for a few weeks.

2) The fork options. The rear requires a long reach brake which is readily available from Shimano or Tektro and gives you room to adjust the rear wheel and add a fender. They claim you can fit a 700x32 with a fender and I honestly think you could and maybe even a 700x35.

The fork you will have to get on your own and this is where it gets sticky. If you want carbon, that means short reach brake and a 700x28 max tire size and no fender. If you want fenders you could get a fork from Tange or another chromed steel import and probably fit a 700x28 with a fender. I know the Surly Pacer fork can fit a 700x32 or a 700x28 with a fender. If you want a really light stiff bike, get the Kinesis aluminum fork but tire fitting will be tight for anything more than a 700x25.

If I purchased this bike today, I would get the black Surly Pacer fork since it uses a long reach brake and then I could just get a set of long reach brakes that would work on the front and rear and allow me to mount fenders front and rear. It would also look really cool to have a white frame, black graphics, and a black fork. Too bad I got the Kogswell!

For those that care, they have a single speed mountainbike frame as well.

Anyway...check them out here:
re: Jamie Roy from IRO fixie I got to test...desmo
Oct 18, 2003 8:22 AM
quit frettin', the Kogswell has a lot more style.
i saw the thread about them on mbtr-ss a little while ago...moregspot
Oct 18, 2003 8:38 AM
it looks like that they also have a mountain frame fro sale. a great value @ $ 180, imo. the only thing is the grapics / stickers are a little cheesy. the 'you only need one' sticker??? major cheese...
other than that, the bikes look good. but the kogswell paint job is much better, a much prettier bike, lugs are kool, and best of all its steel. l just love those rivendell looking bikes.
ps. word has it that kogswell is soming out with a mountain frame..... lugged steal mountain frames....
pure butter.. oh yes .
RE: IRO and Kogswellss-nyc
Oct 18, 2003 11:51 AM
I really did like the ride of the Jamie Roy. For aluminium it was very smooth. If I rememebr correctly all the black graphics are clearcoated but the headtube sticker is not. Ultimately, just strip the paint and ride it bare.

I just really liked the owner, and his entire reason for having them built as he stated, "I just wanted to build something that I would like to ride everyday, that I could lock up and not worry about it, and that if it did get stolen it did not cost that much." I just think it is nice to have an affordable option if not everyone wants to spend $339 on a Kogswell or $400 on a Surly Steamroller.

As for the Kogswell...WOW!
I got it late yesterday and the color is great. They state it is "Kogswell Kreme" but to me it is this really nice soft buttery yellow. The lugs just add to the wow factor. I cannot wait to get it built up and ride it. No buyers remorse here.
Nice bike! wish i would have known sooner.. -nmjoe friday
Oct 18, 2003 5:00 PM