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My First Fixed Gear Ride(1 post)

My First Fixed Gear RideSharkman
Oct 13, 2003 9:26 PM
OK, so I took the plunge and bought a Fuji track bike about a week ago. Picked up the bike on Saturday. LBS installed a set of old Dia Comp brakes I had laying around, and I had the front chainring swapped out from the stock 48 to a 44 (16 in rear).

Went out for about a 33 mile ride Saturday afternoon in essentially a downpour. I was worried about forgetting about being on a fixed gear bike and trying to coast, and then getting rudely reminded where I was, but with one exception, I had no problems. The one exception was when I cramped up in my left calf. Reflexively I tried to coast, but was immediately jolted out of that. Had no problems at the few stoplights, etc. I encountered.

Hit a top speed going downhill of approximately 31 mph. Gear ss says rpms had to be 142. Lots of time at 23 to 25 mph with rpms over 100. Hills were not too bad, but I deliberately avoided anything over about 5% grade, with the exception of the last 200 yards to my house, which is about 9% to 10%. I made it, but boy was it hard.

I was very sore and tired Sunday, much more so that would have been the case on my regular road steed. I am optimistic that this will help my racing next year. Looking to build strength to push bigger gears, and when I hit either hills or headwind, this set up forces me to do it. Will pick up ability to spin better too.