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OK jtferraro - where's your 1st ride report?(3 posts)

OK jtferraro - where's your 1st ride report?cmgauch
Oct 10, 2003 7:39 AM
If you're looking for a new 'ring, you must have had some saddle time on your new fixed. Give us a 1st ride report when you get a chance.

I'm trying to live vicariously through the riding of others since outside of riding w/my 3 year-old, I haven't used my fixed lately. He likes me to use the fixed since it's silver just like his bike.

No work Monday so maybe I'll get out on the fixed for a spin.
Hah! Well, actually...jtferraro
Oct 10, 2003 9:25 PM
I've only ridden my new fixie in my apartment parking lot and up & down the street a few times. I'm dying to ride it further but am waiting on my slow LBS to install a Tiagra front brake caliper, left brake lever and right hood (lever removed). Upon simply riding it around the 'hood I noticed the stock gearing seems a bit tall (48 x 16) for a newbie fixie, especially w/o brakes! Moreover, my left knee felt a bit strained after that light use (had knee surgery 7 months ago), so I've decided to order that 42T Salsa ring, too. I figure I'd rather start out on the smaller side and possibly work my way up from there. As I may have mentioned, I've already removed the toe clips & straps and am just using the platforms. As I was riding down a small hill last week I did that first "newbie blank out" and ended up having to pull my feet out, and away from the pedals/cranks! ;-) Fortunately, the hill wasn't very long or steep and I quickly lost speed and was able to get back on the pedals. While off them, however, I cruised by somebody walking on the sidewalk who, as you can imagine, gave me a pretty strange look! Yesterday I removed my Cat-Eye from my MTB and installed it on the fixie (bought a new wireless Vetta for the MTB). More to come very soon, so stay tuned.

Hah! Well, actually...cmgauch
Oct 16, 2003 6:48 AM
That counts as a 1st ride - thanks for the update.

My only advice is to either put some clipless pedals on it or re-install the cages & straps. With just the platforms, you are nearly helpless to slow down as you will only be able to apply resistance on the upstroke. As you've found out, this is futile since it just jacks you out of the saddle. Resisting the downstroke is where your real braking power resides.

My first ride around the 'hood was similar, but even shorter than yours. I too, was using the flat side of the stock pedals and tried to go down my driveway, which is very steep. "I got it, I got it.I DON'T GOT IT!!! Luckily, just before I slammed into the garage I was able to cut around my wife's car and into the backyard for a smooth runout. My neighbor was out back by his pool and saw the whole thing. A bit embarrassing, but he offered me a beer to calm my nerves and we chatted about my new bike so it wasn't all bad.

N joy

- Chris