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Kogswell Fixedss-nyc
Oct 2, 2003 5:45 PM
Ummm Kogswell, me like!
re: Kogswell Fixeddesmo
Oct 2, 2003 8:27 PM
those things do look like a really nice bike for the money. too bad the sizes are so limited, and that 135 spacing is kind of a dud. hopefully they will sell a lot of them and be able to branch out a bit on their selection. I was seriously thinking about one for a winter bike but they don't make a top tube I can ride.
re: Kogswell Fixedss-nyc
Oct 3, 2003 4:08 AM
The 135mm spacing is not the best but at least they also make inexpensive hubs that seem to be identical to the Van Dessel 135mm hubs. So you can use Kogswell fixed/fixed hubs in silver or Van Dessel free/fixed hubs in black. The 52mm chainline can also be dealt with by using a road triple crank which has the outer ring position at 50mm.

I think I may get one. I wanted a Fuji but tire clearance is a problem, next I liked the Surly which has more tire clearance but like the Fuji has no rear brake cable routing. Then the Kogswell which has room for 700x32s, eylets for fenders and a rear rack, rear brake cable routing, and lugged steel for only $339!

I even like the color!

The pic is not me but rather from a guy that just built one and posted on the Kogswell message board. The frame looks nice with silver and balck parts.