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Touring on S/S?(4 posts)

Touring on S/S?Jock McScot
Sep 29, 2003 3:51 PM
OK, here's a good one for ya -

I'm thinking of doing a charity ride round the US come next spring / summer, and being fairly inexperienced when it comes to single speed riding I've got a few questions that I am seeking some guidance on.

1) How far do you guys go on your single speed / fixed bikes? I've read some ride reports from MB1 and co but I figure they are the extreme end of the spectrum!

2) Has anybody riden a fully loaded s/s bike? How difficult was it to get a suitable gear for dealing with the extra weight over all kinds of terrain?

3) What kind of riding should I do to be ready to ride distance on s/s? I've done training for TTs up to 50 miles, but they were on geared bikes and designed for one hard ride every couple of weeks as oppossed to riding distance every day. Should I just get out and get as many miles in as possible?

Thanks for your help guys. If I go through with this, I might be back for some route advice...
It depends on the hills and windsDave Hickey
Sep 30, 2003 3:33 AM
The two biggest problems with SSing are hills and wind. I ride mine on centuries without any problems. If you really want to do it on a SS, check out Chris Kings or Shimano's DX BMX hubs. They're cassette style and they allow you to change cogs based on that days terrain.
Use a low gear and a BOB trailer.MB1
Sep 30, 2003 4:42 AM
Don't mess with carrying things on your bike, that is going to kill you riding SS.

Actually I'm thinking that loaded touring SS or Fixed ain't all that great an idea. Why make a hard thing even harder when you have no experience doing any of it? Perhaps you should try a few 3 day tours to see what it is like to ride loaded (a BOB trailer is so much better than racks and bags on the bike).

Miss M and I did a 700+ mile tour Fixed and SS last year. We found that generally fixed was better than SS but we had a van to carry our stuff except for our riding needs.
Touring on S/S - fine for the coastal south but not much more.dzrider
Sep 30, 2003 7:26 AM
Trying to find a fixed gear easy enough for loaded climbs and possible to spin as the load pushes you down the other side is too much for me to consider at my advanced age.

I watched former RAAM winner Lon Haldeman ride a single speed over the mountains of Vermont and concluded it's possible, but that I ain't him.

Ride fully loaded before you make a decision that makes it impossible to enjoy parts of what should be a great adventure.