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WI/MN how's the winters here? best bike setup?(3 posts)

WI/MN how's the winters here? best bike setup?Trevo
Sep 24, 2003 2:04 PM
With fall and wet weather approaching Iam trying to decide what the best bike for the jobs gonna be. NOte that Iam a Senior in HIgh School living on my own with no money to spend on bikes:(

I have a Touring Trek 520 with mixed 105/600 shimano on it(singlespeed it you say???) with 27" or 700c wheelsets. My Trek fixed gear has failing cosmetics.
I've noticed that lots of cars here have horrible rust damage!!! Is the salt gonna be that harsh on my frame?

I want a bike/set-up thats not worth much, and I dont have to worry about it rusting horribly, and be able to brave all weather conditions.
I'd like something like my old Varsity....yes I said VARSITY. Honestly one of my favorites bikes. It was so reliable! Even after I let it sit my friends yard all winter, came spring I hopped on it and rode it home. The tires were a little low but other then was fine.

Iam totally new to WIsconsin winters, and i dont wanna have my pants pulled down by them, since my bike is all I got.
Should i singlespeed my 520 touring bike, and get some fenders, and nobbie tires? or find some POS with fenders?

When winter comes around though...I got a 94' Haro Extreme MTN bike with wierd elevated chainstays, converted to coaster brake Iam gonna rock. When its dead winter Iam gonna put my home made studded tires on it with some mountain fenders. Iam looking forward to that.

Thanks for the advice
Trevo Matin
Sep 24, 2003 5:11 PM
Definitely get fenders. they'll keep the frame much, much cleaner. Enjoy the winter.
Frame saver and fendersunclefuzzy_ss
Sep 25, 2003 9:40 AM
Just put them on and you'll be fine. Frame saver the innards of the bike you choose and you should be protected from the rust deamon. If I were you, I'd just run fixxed all winter. Narrow tires cut through the snow better that fatties. Save the studs for icy days.