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Questions about the Fuji Track-'03 vs. '04, tires, fenders?(8 posts)

Questions about the Fuji Track-'03 vs. '04, tires, fenders?jtferraro
Sep 18, 2003 1:01 PM
After researching new, complete, fixed gear bikes further, I'm now interested in the Fuji Track. A few dealers quoted me $499, which seems to be a great price! show the specs for the '04 model, but not the '03. I'm curious if anyone knows what the changes are between the years? I believe the '04 now has a Truvativ crank but I'm not sure of any other differences, besides the paint job. Does anyone have a link to the '03 specs, or an '03 catalog? Lastly, does anyone know if I'd be able to put slightly wider tires on this bike and/or fenders? If you could have either year at the same price, would you automatically go w/the '04?


re: Questions about the Fuji Track-'03 vs. '04, tires, fenders?ss-nyc
Sep 18, 2003 2:05 PM
For some reason when they added the '04 bikes the link to the '03 track got messed up on thier site.
- Choose "2003" at the top of the page
- Coose "MTB" on the left side of the page
- Choose "track" and then you will see it

I could not find any differences except for paint color and the crank type. The '03 lists "cyclone" and the '04 lists "TruVativ" for cranks. I even emailed Fuji about brakes and this was the response I received, "They should be in by mid fall, maybe even sooner. Im not sure yet on if they will be drilled or not."

Fuji has never been great about responding to email but that may just becasue they are no more than a distributer at this point. The bikes are made overseas and then just shipped to the dealers by Fuji USA. The website even lists "threadless" headset for the '03 model which is not true since I have seen 2 of them at my shop and they were both threaded.

I doubt you can fit fenders since the 700x23 stock tire barely clears the fork and rear brake bridge. Sheldon Brown claims you can fit a 700x28 on this bike but I do not see how it would fit more than a 700x25 or the hard to find 700x26.

If I had a choice, I would get the cheaper one since if you look at the last few years the specs on this bike have not really changed. Only the '01 is really different and that is mostly geometry and crank length but that was the first year it was made.

Since my shop has 2 left and is still selling them at full price I am just going to wait to actually see an '04 and then make a decision. If they dropped the price on the '03 like your shop...I would get one in a minute. How can you go wrong with a double-butted steel frame and complete bike for $500?
ss-nyc-thanks! I was hoping you were going to reply...get this:jtferraro
Sep 18, 2003 7:11 PM
I took heed to your advice and was able to bring up the '03 Track. I did a side by side comparison and here are the differences:

Geometry - the '04 has a 10.1mm longer wheelbase
Weight - the '04 is 1.3 lbs. heavier
Rims - '04 has DRX 2000 and '03 has Alex DA-22
Cranks - Truvativ Touro on '04 and Cyclone on '03
Colors - screaming red on '04 and navy/pearl/platinum on '03

My conclusion:
I'm pleased w/the longer wheelbase, the cranks, and the color on the '04. I'm not sure if there is much difference in the rims but I'd imagine it's nothing "appreciable" so I consider that a wash. The only negative thing about the '04 is that it is 1.3 lbs. heavier than the '03. Considering the purpose of this bike (training, commuting, knock-around, etc.) I don't see that as an issue and don't believe that little extra weight "outweights" the better crank, longer wheelbase, and better color(IMHO). Since they are both the same price, I've decided to order the '04! The LBS thinks they can get the '03 in a few days and the '04 in a week or so. We'll see. Thanks for all your input.

Once I get this baby I'll still need to remove the clips & straps from the pedals initially, then install some double sided mtb spd's (I think). Then I'll have to install a computer, bottle cage or two, then a front brake. No, not necessarily in that order! What front brake do you recommend, a Sora or Tiagra?

ss-nyc-thanks! I was hoping you were going to reply...get this:ss-nyc
Sep 19, 2003 4:01 AM
Double check your findings (numbers)!

The Fuji website can be misleading. As an example, if you look at the standover height numbers or the wheelbase numbers "within" a model year and "across" the different sizes of the track bike they do not always make sense. Sometimes the decimal point is in the wrong place and other times it just seems the numbers for 2 different sizes were switched. Look at "ALL" of the wheelbase numbers for the '04 model and you will see what I mean. This could also just be that the fork offset is different as sizes change so that can affect wheelbase. Either way, it seems that the '04 model overall is longer than the '03.

I like the color better on the '04 too.

Who cares about the 1.3 extra pounds. Until I loose the extra 10 pounds I gained since recently being married an extra 1.3 on a bike means nothing to me.

Like Frank Perdue has joked (or the opposite of what he has stated), Parts is Parts. Others may disagree but I have never found the need to own anything better than 105 on my geared bike. Dura Ace and Ultegra are nice but IMHO not worth the extra money over 105 unless you race competitively. Tiagra, Sora, RSX, and the older RX-100 all seem fine when it comes to brakes as long as it is a modern dual-pivot especially if you are only going to use one brake. Contact me at "bid4items AT aol DOT com" since I may have something extra that I am not using.

Read this before you put SPDs on:
You may want to practice with toe clips before you use SPDs if you have never ridden a track bike before.

Lastly, post pics when you get it and tell me if it is drilled for a rear brake since Fuji tech support does not seem to even know!

Ordered! Fuji gets order on Monday and ETA is a week+on '04! =)jtferraro
Sep 19, 2003 10:25 AM
Yup, I'll probably install a Sora front brake caliper w/both levers (although, just the "hood" on the rear lever side).

Yeah, I won't be putting SPD's on right away...and when I do I'll start out w/them at the lowest tension setting. As said, I think I'll start out by removing the clips & straps (hate them things!) and use just the body and cage...then graudate to the lowest tension SPD's.

OK, I'll post pics when I get it!

Thanks again,

re: Questions about the Fuji Track-'03 vs. '04, tires, fenders?cmgauch
Sep 19, 2003 7:06 AM
It looks like you've got the answers you need but I'll chime in anyway. I have an '03 model (56cm) and it doesn't look like there is any room between the chainstays to put larger rubber, unless you change out the 48t up front for something smaller to move the rear wheel back some. then maybe you could fit something larger. For the street, the 23s are just fine.

Re brakes: The '03 is drilled for a rear brake. I have an old Ultegra brake, bullhorns & a diacomp lever that I've been meaning to put on but I haven't done so yet. I kinda like going brakeless, but I do intend to put a brake up front one of these days, just to keep the wife quiet(er).

Re pedals: the first 2 rides I used the cages & straps, but my feet were killing me from having them cinched up ultra tight. I put a pair of time aliums on it & use mtn shoes now with much more comfort, control & ease of use.

Re headset: the '03 is threaded

Re water bottle cages: the '03 just has a spot for 1 (bummer).

PS - ssnyc - did you get my email re: Sunday morning?
Thanks for "chiming in"...jtferraro
Sep 19, 2003 10:34 AM
That's too bad about the lack of space between the chainstays, although I like your idea re: chaning the front chainring for a smaller diameter one, then pulling the rear wheel back a tad. How is the front tire and fork clearance? Yeah, all I'll probably ever use is 23's but it would be nice to know I could go a tad larger, like 25's if I wanted to. So, no chance of installing fenders on this bike, huh? Obviously you can always install clip-ons, but they are just for the rear, right?


Thanks for "chiming in"...cmgauch
Sep 22, 2003 6:04 AM
I checked the chainstay clearance just for laughs - Fuji dimpled the tubes in that area to give more clearance but the space is far from generous. W/a stock drivetrain, I'd say you might get 25s in there, but it would be tight. If the wheel shifted slightly during a ride (which could happen) you'd be rubbing frame.

Up front there is room for larger rubber, no eyelets for racks/fenders

Enjoy your purchase, we'll be looking for the 1st ride report.