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My First Fixte!(1 post)

My First Fixte!VW
Sep 17, 2003 1:27 PM
Two years ago, my old elementary school friend (call him "Friend A") gave me his 80's Bianchi. My other friend from high school (call him Friend B") bought this bike brand new in the 80's. "Friend B" rode this bike for about 500 mile before giving-up cycling because he crashed (he really just fell over) after getting caught on a railroad track. Friend B sold the bike to Friend A, but Friend A just couldn't get comfortable with riding. Friend A may have put in about 25 miles before he stored it long-term in his garage. A couple of years later, he lent the bike to his baby brother who was then going to college down in Los Angeles. His generation X/Y brother just didn't want to ride it because it wasn't "cool" like riding a mountain bike, so he rode it maybe another 25 mile. The bike returned to Friend A's garage when his baby brother came back from college.

Two years ago, I was invited to dinner at Friend A's house. Friend A gave me the bike as a parting gift because in his own words: " ... you can probably put it to good use ...". Well, ~20 year since this bike rolled out of a San Francisco bike shop, the bike was now in my garage. It had scratches all over, peeling labels, some signs of rust, but no real damages.

I had some old 105 components laying around, so I removed the old components and wheels and proceeded to modernized this bike with the 105's. I took the finished bike to a group lunch ride, but I just didn't like it because it was just too sluggish when compared to my ultra-responsive Trek OCLV. Poor bike ... it was destined to once again rust in some garage! Luckily, I caught the fixte bug two years later.

A month ago, I removed the 105's from the Bianchi for my daughter's bike. Two weeks ago, I put back the old original components on the Bianchi for the fixie make-over. I took the finished bike out for a flat short 12 mile group ride, and I really enjoyed the new sensation of fixed gear riding. The once sluggish ride was now just right as a fixie. I suspected a modern super responsive and stiff frame would just be too much as a fixie. Although I had a couple of scary moments when the bike's rear wheel skidded/hopped from me forgetting to pedal, I'm hooked on fixte.

I found myself wanting to fuss with the rusty bike everytime I passed by it when walking through the garage. I can't wait to ride it again ... so little time ... so many bikes to ride.

I'm planning to repaint/powdercoat it. Anybody know where around the Bay Area I can get it done cheap in Celeste? I have heard of people getting painted/powdercoated for <$100.

Here are the specifics:

Bike: 80's Bianchi
Model: Professional (Black)
Frame: Ishiwata Chrome Moly 022 double-butted tubes, stays, and fork.
Wheels: Suntour Superbe hub and Arata tubular rims
Brakes: Grand Compe sidepull
Crank: Shimano 600
Seatpost,stem,handlebar: Same brand, but forgot name.
Derailluers/shifters(removed): Suntour Superbe