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Besides these bike co's, who else sells cheap, complete...(5 posts)

Besides these bike co's, who else sells cheap, complete...jtferraro
Sep 17, 2003 11:23 AM
fixed gear/ss bicycles, preferabley steel?

Specialized (soon)

By cheap, I'm referring to under $700.

Just curious if I have any other options, as I don't own and old, beater, 10-speed or the like (wish I still had my Firenze 15-speed!). I know I can buy an old beater bike cheap, then convert it into a fixed/ss but I think I'd rather buy new considering they start at $450ish. I'd also love to own the Surly Steamroller frame and build it up, as I do have some parts but I'm not sure what would be transferrable and what wouldn't. I have the following: saddle, canti-lever brakes and brake levers (off my mtb), 175mm Sugino crank off my mtb(but I doubt I'd be able to use that w/a fixed gear, right?) Besides being a bit long for a track/fixed bike, it probably isn't compatible? Once I upgrade my road bike's stock bar & stem, I'll have them available, too. I may also have a spare post. So, if I were to go the Steamroller route I'd have some parts but would still need wheels/tires/tubes/rim tape/axles, probably crank, chainring, cog, lock ring, chain, BB, pedals, headset, bar tape, seat clamp, spacers, and all the other smaller stuff I've forgotten...which would bring that price up and up. Hmm...

Sep 17, 2003 11:47 AM
Complete Bike is $750 canadian which I think is aobut $550US but you also need to factor shipping and the possibility that customs may charge you a fee.

see my other post about cranks

just check the parts spec on Surly's website and then see which parts you have that will transfer over
unsure on the build spec, but i considered urbaniteJS Haiku Shop
Sep 17, 2003 11:51 AM
before arranging for the steamroller.

i've not seen or ridden one, but there's a guy or couple guys on the fixed gear listserv with urbanites. i think they have several fixies each.

I went with the steamroller because i like the company line (serious drinkers with a cycling problem) and had heard and read about quality stuff and good customer support. 'twas true, plus excel does a good job before & after the sale.

only complaint 'bout my steamroller is same with my cross-check: the decals wear off eventually. but that's not a big thing to me.
Urbanite--customs $$pswann
Sep 17, 2003 7:57 PM
Yes, SS-NYC is right, the Customs guys will likely pinch you if you're having an Urbanite shipped to the US.

I bought one a few months ago and they hit me for $90! I was a little shocked. I really like my bike. It's the new 60cm size and it fits me great and rides great, but by the time it was all said and done, with shipping and customs, I think the Excel Sports built Steamroller is a better deal. A bit more money, yes, but a nicer parts spec and a double-butted frame as opposed to the Urbanite's straight-gauge.

Actually, that last part is an assumption. Any frame experts out there who can clarify? Is there any advantage to straight-gauge tubing? I have to admit that my Urbanite feels heavier than I thought it'd be and I always, in the back of my mind, wonder if it's because the frame is a tank.

Anyway, I hope this info helps. I promised the forum a ride report on the Urbanite a month or so ago and I'm committed to getting that done in the next few days.
my steamroller was $834 deliveredJS Haiku Shop
Sep 17, 2003 11:47 AM
and i got some upgrades (op ceramic rims, upgraded hubs, crankset (stronglight), etc) without asking. ymmv, and that was november 2001 btw.

i'm happy with the steamroller, and with the build from excel.

the steamroller frame is not made to accept canti brakes, but i bet there are aftermarket accessories that will retrofit the frame. fwiw, i think you can get a cheap set of long-reach calipers for less than a retrofit kit. mine has rx100 LR brakes; they're cheap, but stop the bike, no complaints.

can't comment on the other frames. not sure what size you ride, but MB1 used to have a fuji track bike (for sale) built up for fixed/ss road riding bought from harris cyclery. i think it was a 56. you might page him on board and find out if it's still available. it was well within your stated price range.

good luck!