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Reflections from Fixie newbie.(6 posts)

Reflections from Fixie newbie.Len J
Sep 4, 2003 6:24 AM
Well. after building up my new fixie, I took it on vacation to Nags Head, and figured I'd break it in (or break me in), with several consecutive days of riding. I rode 2 hours on Sat, 3 hours on Sun & Mon, 3.5 hours on Tuesday (Played golf on Wed, & did 3 hours this A.M. Here are my initial impressions of Fixie riding:

1.) The hardest thing for me was figuring out hoe to stop. I finally time my stop so the right crank is down, stop abrubtly & unclip & put down my left foot. Not smooth, but it works.

2.) I've only forgotten I'm on a fixie twice, Pavlov is correct, I am trainable.

3.) Rough pavement & holes and tracks are a PIA (literally) on a fixie, you can't stand and coast, you take it all in your butt & hands.

4.) It really is a workout, longest ride has been a metric century & I was wipped when I was done.

5.) I haven't done any hills yet, but I suspect that will really work me. I can see how this will help me on a geared bike, it's amazing how hard you work on a fixie.

6.) Warming up is a pain, either I pedal in a low cadence (Normally I warm up by high cadence in easy gear) or I try to pedal downwind for the first 15 minutes.

7.) All in all I like it. I'm not sure I'll be ready for a century by 9/28, but we will see.

you're ready for a century nowJS Haiku Shop
Sep 4, 2003 11:00 AM
1) learn to pedal with one foot. that way, it doesn't matter where your crankarms are when you come to a stop--your "kickstand" foot is already out & ready. what about getting started back with the "chocolate foot", you ask? i've learned to do what sheldon preaches: holding the front brake, lift the rear of the bike off the ground and spin the cranks with your clipped-in foot 'til they're where you want them. gets easier with practice.

2) i'm still forgetting. it will be ugly one day.

3) learn to "post" over holes and stuff. keep pedaling, but unweight the saddle; get off your butt a little. like mountain biking.

4) it's good distance training; but, riding distance with gears after mostly fixie riding doesn't seem any easier, just different. i very rarely coast now.

5) makes me really appreciate beer more.

6) i warm up by riding slower, then ride faster when i'm ready. sometimes there isn't an option. topography really plays havoc with "warming up".

7) you're ready for a century now. just remember to "hydrate" before and after ride day.
Hope so...............Len J
Sep 6, 2003 4:39 PM
We'll see on the 28th.

Re #5, no Beer for me........Gatorade or Iced tee is as strong as it gets now.

I'm learning #3 the more I ride.

I like your # 1, I'll try it tomorrow.


that means more beer for me, AND a designated driver :) nmJS Haiku Shop
Sep 8, 2003 11:13 AM
What gear are you using? Can you get to DC before the 28th?MB1
Sep 4, 2003 6:57 PM
Perhaps you are running a gear a little bit too hard. I suspect that since you are a true flatlander you may be running a bit harder than we do. Miss M runs a 39/15 I am running a 42/16. If you have a flop hub you can always run a freewheel with one more tooth than your fixed cog-this makes a nice bailout.

Miss M and I both feel that a fixte on the flats is somewhat easier than a geared bike. Miss M was ready for a century after just a few fixed rides, you probably will be too. The NSA/OCE is pretty flat but not Eastern Shore flat. There are some rollies where you can easily hit 30mph on the downhills-that can be pretty hard for a novice to recover from (you gotta learn to relax).

If you can get to DC before the 28th we could have a little fixte session and give you lots of pointers before the century. We could also meet at Davidsonville like we did once before. There are some pretty easy routes from there.
42/17 fixed, 42/18 free...............Len J
Sep 6, 2003 4:35 PM
this translates to about 17.5MPH at 90 RPM.

The gearing seems about right, although I did the Oregon Inlet bridge on Friday, after 45 miles, into a 20 MPH headwind, and thought I was going to die. 16 mph at the bottom, 13 in the middle and 10/5 at the top. If it had been another 100 yards, I'm not sure I would have made it.

Maybe we can get together on the 20th, unfortunatly I'll be away next weekend visiting my daughter in north Jersey.

Glad you're back riding.