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Hey...Trevo...or anyone to help with a 48h wheelset?(3 posts)

Hey...Trevo...or anyone to help with a 48h wheelset?ss-nyc
Sep 2, 2003 7:57 PM
Do you remember this thread?
ss-nyc "Has anyone ever used a 48h rim for a fixie or Single-Speed?" 7/13/03 2:01pm

I just broke down and got the rims from Nashbar and hubs on eBay. I am going to build that 48h 700c single-speed wheelset in the next few weeks.

Trevo metioned straight lacing them to look "cool" but I am worried about having them fail if the flanges are not strong enough. I have heard that the more holes in a hub flange the weaker the flanges become which seems ironic becasue the more holes you have the stronger the wheel becomes.

Any information, suggestions, or opinions would be greatly appreciated.
Sep 3, 2003 1:25 PM
Well, you could technically radial lace both the front and the rear because they are both dishless wheels. Many people do this to the front wheel on standard road bikes with as few as 18 spokes on the front, with minimal problems.

I see no reason why you couldn't do it with your wheels, especially due to the 48 spokes. However, I have had some reliablility issues with spoke tension and trueness on my radial wheels. If you 3 crossed those babies, you would never need another wheelset ever again, ever.

It depends on your riding style, terrain, and aesthetics. But, personally, I think that it would look awesome with straight lacing.

Good luck,

People do strait lace BMX wheels all the time....Trevo
Sep 3, 2003 3:16 PM
BUt since your going to have alot longer spokes, the wheel would be weaker I think.