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Paging Trevo...(4 posts)

Paging Trevo...SenorPedro
Sep 1, 2003 7:58 PM
Hey hey, I keep remembering you as the guy in WI with the older trek fixie. I am finally getting mine together, '87 400 Elance, and have a question because it is quite similar.

What size is your frame and what ratio are you running in the Trek DO's? Thanks a lot,

re: Paging Trevo...Trevo
Sep 2, 2003 3:00 PM
Iam a little confused by "Trek DO's" Whats that?

Anyway, I Love my Trek, its(I think) a 58cm and Iam running a 43x15 ratio.

This is an old picture of my Trek.
Now I have a longer stem,105 front wheel,chrome seat post, 170mm shimano track cranks,43 tooth bmx gear.
I'll update it asap.
Sep 2, 2003 5:58 PM
thats the idea I am going for. Oh, and by Trek DO's, I meant the cast Trek dropouts (D.O.), depending on how old yours is, if it is late 80's like mine then the DO's are horizontal but not as long as the standard Campy dropout or equivalent. Just wondering on the fit of your gear ratio in the drops. Thanks,

Sep 3, 2003 3:18 PM
Iam quite sure that most if not ALL drop-outs on older road bikes will alloy infinate gear range. If your to far forward in the dropout, then just add a chain link and skoot it back.

Mines working great