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Surly--chain tensioner(3 posts)

Surly--chain tensionermollythedog
Sep 1, 2003 2:56 PM
I just noticed that Surly makes a cahin tensioner called the "tugnut chain tensioner". Is this intended for fixed gear bikes or single speed. If they are used for fixed gear frames. Do they work? thx for your help
re: Surly--chain tensionerTrevo
Sep 1, 2003 4:55 PM
I have no experience with them, but Iam sure they work fine. The idea of a chain tensioner is pretty universal in concept.

yes...the tugnutts work great.....gspot
Sep 26, 2003 4:00 PM
tug nuts work great... they keep the axle from shifting on a fixed gear/ singlespeed bike. only downside is that they are expen$ive..$23 a pop....
the tugnutts are great because they fit surly's track dropout perfectly.....
there are some cheaper ones, like ordinary bmx chain tugs... but these may not fit some track drop[outs,l ike surly. these may require a little bit of dremel metal working to get them to fit...
oh, the really pimp factor is that they have a built in bottle opener...
not my pic, i stole it from triffid on the mbtr -ss board... thanks triffid... :)