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Still trying to come up with a good handlebar(5 posts)

Still trying to come up with a good handlebarB2
Aug 14, 2003 6:48 AM
I've got a mtn bike with flat bars that's been converted to single speed. I'm just using it on the pavement right now with 26x1.1 slicks. The 42x15 gearing seems to be working out real well so far (it better since I've got vert drops and no tensioner), but I feel like I need a bar that allows me to stretch out a little more with good hand positions.

The bar in the photo below looks kind of geeky, but interesting just the same. Does anybody know what it is and where to get it? Any other recommendations?

re: Still trying to come up with a good handlebarGinz
Aug 14, 2003 7:53 AM
You are looking for a bullhorn bar. Check out or perhaps

re: Still trying to come up with a good handlebarTrevo
Aug 14, 2003 7:58 AM
I've seen those bars before. They are on bunches of old mountain bikes. What they are supposed to mimmic is built in bar-ends. Check out they make a bar that might suit your needs.

Another option is toget a pair of cruiser bars and turn them upside down. These are called Moustach bars, and may bee a good option for you.

re: Still trying to come up with a good handlebarbent_sprocket
Aug 15, 2003 5:21 AM
Those are Scott ATB bars. I don't think that they're made any longer, but I have a pair hanging in the garage, if you're interested.

drop me an e-mail at and we'll go from there.
Scott AT-2?peter1
Aug 15, 2003 5:16 PM
Believe that's what they're called. I would have liked a pair when I was racing mtbs back in the mid-90s. Scott also made a bar that curled around in front to create an aerobar extension. AT-3??