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Almost matched my 3 mile TT on fixed!(3 posts)

Almost matched my 3 mile TT on fixed!LC
Aug 13, 2003 10:27 AM
I took a 42x15 to my monthly personal flat 3 mile TT course just to see how much slower it would be than my geared bike. All I did was watch my cadence on the computer and made sure that I stayed between 105 and 110 rpm which felt very inefficient at the time. Normally I try to keep my TT cadence 85 to 90 rmp. To my surprise I crossed the line only 14 seconds off my time on the geared bike.

If I would have had one tooth higher gear I think I would have beat my regular bike!
people are always telling me that..hayaku
Aug 16, 2003 4:47 AM
track bikes are a lot faster. I've heard that you can go up to 2 seconds faster on a 1kmTT with a track bike. The local yearly TT in my area doesn't allow track bikes to be used, I think because there is a good advantage if you do.

Dunno what the difference would be if the course was technical or hilly.

I'm scraping together parts to hang on my new track frame for next season. Can't wait to start taking and looking for PBs.
Aug 28, 2003 4:56 AM
I was substantially slower in a 10 mile TT on the fixed vs. a Cervelo P3 with disc and 404 front. However, that's really apples and oranges, as the aero qualities of the Cervelo (with very low integrated aerobars) are vastly superior to a Bianchi Pista with no aerobars (Merckx style).

Another problem was wind. With a tailwind at the beginning, I was spun out, and then returning I was mashing. Having the right gear when you can't maintain a steady speed and output makes a huge difference in efficiency.