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Thanks, & 1st FG ride(3 posts)

Thanks, & 1st FG ridecmgauch
Aug 11, 2003 7:01 AM
First, let me thank you all for the great advice I've been soaking up for a while now. Just lurking here, I've learned a lot of things that saved me needless pain and suffering as a fixed gear noob.

My 1st fixed gear ride was last Sat eve. I figured a local park (nice loop w/1/3 flat, 1/3 climb & 1/3 d/h) would be a good, safe place to get used to it. After about 4 laps I cinched the toe straps up tight & felt confident enough to hit the rain-slicked roads.

I did about 25 miles (felt like 60) with a decent mix of climbs, descents & flats. I got rained on big time but it was worth it; I felt like a little kid again. I had a few terror-stricken moments on the way out descending one big hill @ 40+ and suffered like never before climbing it on the way back. That was the most fun I've had on a bike in a long time though. On the way back, a roadie in U.S. Postal garb passed me on the first climb; I picked up the pace and hung w/him 'till the last climb before I opened it up & passed him for good. He wasn't a very friendly sort.

A front brake might be a good idea though, just in case. Between that & clipless pedals, I'll be set.

Thanks again.
Enjoy the FG experience... that was 40 kph, right? nmPdxMark
Aug 11, 2003 8:17 AM
yeah, 40 kph is prolly closer...cmgauch
Aug 11, 2003 10:34 AM
40 mph was just a guess. Subjectively it felt like it was right at my pants-wetting threshold, which in hindsight probably had more to do w/my cadence than anything. I checked w/Sheldon Brown's gear calculator, and I see that at 120 rpms my 48/16 would yield 28 mph, so yeah, maybe 40kph is more realistic.

I can be smooth (barely) at 120 rpm, but it felt like my cadence was way past the comfort zone: pedal stroke got uneven and as the speed increased (I was scared & chanting spin, spin, spin) it smoothed out just enough. My only point of reference is my road bike & I generally hit 42-45 mph (53/11) going down this hill.

Apologies for the overstatement, once I get a computer on there I'll report back.