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Surly or Suzue ProMax Hubs - Which to use?(4 posts)

Surly or Suzue ProMax Hubs - Which to use?ss-nyc
Aug 8, 2003 6:38 AM
I am conflicted.
I am going to build a Surly Steamroller in the next few weeks and need some help deciding on which hubs to use. I listed the Pros (and cons) for each.

- $125 for the pair
- Comes in Black to build a totally black wheel which woud look great with the grey steamroller frame
- Proven quality
- Only comes in 32h
- Fixed/Fixed and although you can run a freewheel it is possible to strip the threads if not careful

- $150 for the pair
- Proven Quality
- comes in 36h (I am 200lbs. and live in NYC so this might help)
- Fixed/Free by design
- Only comes in silver

Either hub will be built in Mavic MA3s with 14/15 spokes and run a 700x28 or 700x32 tire. I will bu running a fixed cog and a freewheel. While the black Surly hubs will "look good" with the frame it is difficult to discount the 36h Suzue and the fixed/free design. This is being built as a fun bike to use on rides probably not longer than 50 miles and will actually have flat (not drop) bars.

Please help me choose.
Aug 9, 2003 7:20 AM
I am running a suzue pro max 32h laced 3x to cxp 30's(discontinued deeper v mavic rim.

I raced cyclocross last season on this wheelset and commuted 2500 miles (low estimate. The rear wheel is recently slightly out of true.

I weight 135, ride down stairs and jump over the expansion joints on the williamsburg br. (nasty construction).

I am very pleased with the wheelset, oh btw 36:16 fixed/free gets me everywhere.

Where are you getting your wheel built? It is worth to find a good builder in NYC ie bike works, sids, gotham.
A good build/economy parts will last longer than better products/less percise build.
Most Probably
Aug 9, 2003 10:37 AM
They have already built 3 bikes for me. On my Van Dessel Country Road Bob they built me a really nice set of strong wheels.

Have you used them?
Have you had luck with any other shops?
Most Probably BikeWorks...buffalosorrow
Aug 14, 2003 6:37 PM
Yeah, I have used sids 34th/2nd ave.
They offer quality work, but at a price! Thet re-built my front wheel, tight!

Bike Works are reasonable, seem DIY, have the experience, I have spoken to them and are very helpfull
Most shops of my experience have ego trips, extended repair time and high prices.

I am slowly buying my own tools to set up a home shop.

I hate to knock shops but I have been dis-satisfied with A bikes, Bicycle habitat and R&A cycles (well my riding friend).