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Aaurghhh! I can't wait....flip flop wheel is in the mail!!!(4 posts)

Aaurghhh! I can't wait....flip flop wheel is in the mail!!!scrublover
Aug 5, 2003 1:21 AM
so i turned my old 2000 tcr team frame into a freewheel ss a few weeks ago! it rocks! with just a small flat filed on the axle, a 42x18 works perfectly, and a 44x18 with a half link. i've run both with no problems.

got a e-bay flip-flop wheel on the way, and a few cogs from webcyclery (with a lockring) and i can't wait to try fixed! i've loved riding it ss, i think i'm really gonna love it fixie. got a 16 and 18 cog on the way. have 42,44, 46, and 48 rings to play around with, and a couple half links as needed. since i have vert drops, i'll have to run the same size fixed/free, unless i want to hassle with swapping/breaking my chain. think i'll stick with the 44x18 to start with.

sorry to ramble on, but i'm just excited about it. been on it more lately than the newer geared ride! and climbing up some local stuff much easier than i had anticipated!

love it!

ok, lurker rant over.....first fixed ride report to come soon, i hope!

Congrats... I'm playing with gearing too...PdxMark
Aug 5, 2003 10:53 AM
I've been riding 48/19 (2.53 ratio)for a couple months, which has felt pretty good for commuting and even cimbing, but has left my knees aching a bit. So I just got a new ring (44) and cog (18). I put the 44 on last night to give a 44/19 (2.32 ratio), which felt a bit too easy on the commute. I'll try a hill climb (and descent) today to check it out, and expect that I'll switch to the 18 to give me 44/18 (2.44 ratio).

The 44/19 might be OK for in-town commuting for me, but I'm thinking of riding the fixie for a week-long trip with 50-100 mile days. For that, the 44/18 might be a better fit for me.
Where did you get half links? and how much? (NM)buffalosorrow
Aug 5, 2003 11:29 AM
Aug 5, 2003 3:03 PM
it's a bmx oreiented place, but they have/had them. picked up a few a year ago when setting up my first ss mtb conversion. gone eccentric now, and had them left over to use for this. i think they were just a few bucks each.